A not quite so caffeinated day


Today, I realized that perhaps I am drinking too much coffee. I typically drink once cup as soon as I get up. Then, as I grade, I typically grab another cup. By lunchtime, I usually have had two cups of full throttle coffee and probably one cup of chai tea. (I currently use a concentrate, but am looking for a good recipe to make my own). I normally get a lot done. However, I have noticed that I seem to have concentration problems. I thought it was stress. After today, I think it might just be caffeine!

We use a French press as our coffeemaker and Dustin always makes the coffee. I don’t even know how much to use. So, this morning he had breakfast with his coworkers before work, leaving me coffeeless. Eeek! So, rather than figure it out myself, I made myself some cappuccino from a mix with hot milk. I assumed I would be dragging all day.

However, I have written an essay, created another blog (for a class I’m taking… not by choice..it’s about education), wrote a reflection on blogging in education, worked on a website I’m creating (for another class), and have graded some essays as well.

I’ve also maintained my duty as the daytime chicken waterer…


(Meet Sesame. She looks like a Sesame Street character and constantly pecks me.. never Dustin, but loves my fingers, toes, and legs, despite my vocal threats and complaints. Although she doesn’t look like the character now, she usually has her neck all poofed out and doesn’t look like a real animal most of the time. Chickens are so unphotogenic…)

Gave the smelly beagle a bath and then caught her in the compost while I was watering chickens.


(this is ALMOST her ‘I’m sorry I was bad’ face. Her ears stick straight out to the side when she knows we mean business… or when she just feels guilty)

Here is our compost pile…


Oh, you can’t see it? That’s right… we have been composting for MONTHS and you can’t tell. Between the dog and the chickens, it is completely nonexistent! 

I cleaned up after the beagle… apparently my acorns on the coffee table and the Burt’s Bees on Dustin's dresser have been too much for her this week…


She went from being the perfect dog to being a bad dog when she is left home alone. UGH. 

I also spent some time yelling at Margot. In this house, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat… it makes her have accidents that typically result in vet bills or holes cut in the wall…. Today’s escapade was another in the duct work.


Being the good parent that I am, rather than help her down, I videoed it. That may find its way here soon… after I tell Dustin and we hang up the doors to the laundry/pantry like we’ve meant to for a year and a half…

Up next on the day’s agenda?

-More essay writing

-More essay grading

All the while, daydreaming about having my doctorate in hand and a house with pets who behave… and a compost pile that actually gets time to compost, chapstick that doesn’t get eaten, and acorns who can live in peace where they belong- on the coffee table.


  1. I forgot to mention that the once-good beagle also unrolled all 243 feet of twine that I have. It was unrolled in the bedroom, down the hall, down the stairs, through the entryway, and into the living room.

  2. Whew boy! And I thought my kids were a handful at times. My neighbor lent me here tumbling composter this summer...loved it. Next year I'm going to try to find some plastic barrels with lids I can just roll on the ground at the end of the garden.


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