2010 Awareness Walk

This past Sunday was the 2010 Infant and Pregnancy Awareness Walk in Louisville, Ky. There is a mile walk with "memory mile blankets" along the way. Everyone makes signs honoring their little ones.

Afterwards, they read the names and dates of all the babies who are gone too soon and give the parents a Christmas ornament. Last year, it was a white star; this year a little clear glass bird. We didn't put up a tree last year, but that little star was front and center on the mantle. Little things can mean so much.

After the names are read, they play a beautiful version of Somewhere over the Rainbow while we release balloons.

This is our second year attending. While I am nervous and anxious about it every year, I am always so glad that we get the opportunity to honor Lane and be around those we love and who support us and be around those who can understand better than anyone. It is a shame that anyone does understand, but it is 'nice' to be around those who have experienced it and can understand on a level different than everyone.


  1. What a special event and a great way to remember with those that understand. The ornaments are such a special touch. HUGS.

  2. I thought of you all when I saw this event posted on Facebook.
    I'm glad that there is a way to honor those babies who are gone too soon, and that you receive a special remembrance.

  3. Shannon, I can't imagine how hard it is, but I am glad you get to honor Lane in doing this. Sounds like a wonderful event for some wonderful people.

  4. Sorry we didn't get to see you there. The balloon release was really pretty and touching.

    In case you were want to hear it again, that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole. I really like his rendition.


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