CSN review- Recliner slipcover

I was recently given the opportunity to review a product from CSN stores. It took me a few days to decide what to order because they have SO. MUCH. STUFF!

I finally decided that I wanted something to go along with our bonus room redo.  So, I focused in on something that I KNOW we need other than something that I wasn't sure about.

We are in the middle of redoing our upstairs living room. My mom passed down the recliner in this picture.

(Remember- we re redoing the whole room so all that furniture is piled ALL around the house waiting for the floors to get finished, painted, sealed, and dried!)

I know that so many people love slip covers, but I always find them to be a pain. They never stay where they are supposed to and always look baggy. (at least in my house anyway…)

But, since we are redoing this room, I wanted the chair to match better. So, I searched through their recliner slip covers. They have a ton. In all colors and patterns and shapes. We finally narrowed it down and chose this one.


It came while we are still in the remodel, so I was too impatient to wait! :) I was able to put the entire slipcover on the chair while it is crammed into this room with half of the other furniture.

Once I ordered it, it arrived in just a few days. I was able to track the package the whole way. (I’m such a stalker about things I order, so I LOVE that)

This is a super soft cover and really updated this recliner!

The color is a bit ‘off’ in this picture, but it shows the pattern.
If you haven’t checked out the CSN stores, head over there now! They really do offer a huge selection of everything from bathroom furniture to rugs to lamps to tools!

Once we get this room done, I’ll have some better pics of the recliner in its new attire!

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  1. cool beans! the chair got a new outfit! wooohooo!
    ps Happy Thanksgiving!


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