To paint or to stain…. and, you had me at “clean” button

The floor is slowly but surely coming along. Dustin worked most of the day today and has about half a day’s worth of work left to do.
A few people have stopped by to see it and no one likes our idea to paint it. Everyone thinks we should stain it instead.
I have to say, it looks better than I expected!  Part of the slowness of the project has been with making sure that the nails all line up and that the spacing between each board is as consistent as possible. (if we had considered staining it before we laid it, we probably wouldn’t have made any gap between each board). We have also been alternating the grain with the ‘calmer’ ones mixed in with the ones with a crazier wood grain.

We already have the paint for the floor. This is a pretty good picture that captures the color. (those who are anti painting also don’t seem to like our color choice either, haha).

So, what do we do? Paint it? Stain it? Use this paint as a stain? Regardless, we will be loading it up with Varathane when we get the paint/stain complete.

And, because I am so excited/impressed/happy I no longer have to vacuum….

I recently purchased a ROOMBA! It arrived Monday night but today was the first time I could get it set up to go. I LOVE IT.


Yes, it was a bit pricey and I NEVER spend money. But, with three pets and a vacuum that never seems to get turned on, this is a splurge I was willing to make. (After saving up my pennies, thankyouverymuch, Dave Ramsey :))
I only let it clean the bedroom. Since we are in mid-project, our bedroom is the only room without a floor full of extra furniture in it. I can’t wait to turn it loose on the rest of the house… especially on my painted stained painted stained finished bonus room floor!


  1. ohhh, I guess I didn't pay attention to an earlier post. I thought you WERE staining it. But when you showed the paint in this post I remembered that you were going to paint it.
    My vote is stain (dark) or you could do a wash with the paint you have. I really like the wood grain showing through. BUT, it's what YOU all like, not anyone else!
    My suggestion would be to do a stain and the paint on a piece of scrap and see what you think.
    Good luck!

  2. First visit to your blog. I love Gail @ My Repurposed Life, BTW. Very clever idea to use plywood cut into boards for flooring. I am wondering why you didn't cut the lengths more randomly so it would look more like hardwood? Maybe you did and the pic just doesn't show it. Anyway, this is a very creative idea.

  3. I can't vote. Too much pressure for me. I can't even decide on my own home half the time so I don't want to vote and ruin your floors....:) I know it will be beautiful, no matter what you decide.

  4. Roomba!! We have a Roomba. With two (white) dogs and (very dark) hardwood floors it's been a total life saver.

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