Cut floors and cut nails


It’s been a rainy day here today. As I worked, I noticed this outside the window.


Nothin’ like wet, nasty chickens invading the porch because they don’t have enough sense to get in their coop.

During my breaks from work, Dustin and I went to the woodshop and used the table saw to cut the plywood for the flooring.

IMG_5312We started with 8 ft by 4 ft pieces and cut them in half lengthwise. Then again, then again. We did it in two batches, but it only took us an hour and 45 minutes, total. 

IMG_5334While we were down there, I rediscovered a few things and stumbled upon something that I bargained with Dustin about.

This is my doll house that my great uncle built for me when I was little. It needs a little TLC. Until we are ready to move it into the house, I don’t plan on doing much with it. I spent a lot of time with this dollhouse. Tiger, the cat I had from 1985-2002 slept in the upstairs rooms often. He barely fit.


I also stumbled upon Godric Gryffindor’s sword…


(Harry Potter in 4 days!) 

The sword is YOURS if the price is right! This was a pre-Shannon purchase.

Although I hadn’t forgotten about it, it was still nice to see that the hardwood flooring that we pulled up from Dustin’s great grandparent’s farm house is still safe and sound and waiting to be denailed and installed in our living room (one of these days…) It’s been down here for about 3 years, waiting patiently.


This itty stove kept us warm. No, it’s not a perspective trick. My hand is flat against the stove. It’s just itty bitty :)


And, the big discovery….


this dirty old stool that I’ve overlook a million times. It is going to get cleaned up and will live in the kitchen from now on. (well… from now on AFTER I clean it up..)


Now, we just need to get the nails! I ordered them online last night. We can’t find what we want anywhere! (A BIG THANKS to Gail @ My Repurposed Life for helping!)

Compared to the cost of this project so far, the nails were a SPLURGE! :) But, we are doing this room as cheaply as we can, so a splurge here and there is ok. I’ll break down our costs once we’re done.

(Keep in mind that we are doing the WHOLE room, every surface, for about half the cost of the flooring alone if we were buying the real stuff.)

Here is what we’re waiting for:


Then, it’s time to break out the Liquid Nail and the hammer*!

*Note the singular use of '”hammer”. I have a feeling that will be a Dustin-only job.


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  1. great post! I like seeing the pics of the wood shop! And the dollhouse and the stool, stove. Really neat stuff! Ohh, and the old flooring waiting to be denailed!
    oh yeah, and the silly chickens in the rain. We certainly needed THAT rain!
    have a great evening!


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