One step closer in the Bonus Room


I’m supposed to writing a paper before I get ready for church. But, somehow I ended up here.


A quick peek at what we’ve been up to the nine days….

IMG_5193 IMG_5305


Dustin finally finished the ceiling last night. It now has a coat of primer, two rolled on coats and two trimmed coats.


Because of the planking, the entire ceiling had to be trimmed-- each individual plank.


Did I mention that two days ago he really hurt his back? It was an all-muscle thing, but that really slowed him down. (He used a 5 gallon bucket to shovel corn from the wagon to our bin… he stopped counting at 100 buckets when he hurt his back. The corn is for our corn stove in the living room). He’s actually on the couch on a heating pad rereading Harry Potter now.

I finally primed the windows and put a coat of white on them and the trim around the doors.


The door in this picture is NOT the same color as the walls. It is a pinky/peachy color. It is going to get painted, but I don’t know how yet. I wanted to paint it a color, but I think that the room might be too muted for that. It will be the last thing done though—we are pretty hard on the door when we move things in and out! Suggestions? White? Wall color? Something fun?


The door above will not be getting painted. It is a match to our front door, too. This is the door trim that we have seen Sophie in the TOP corner of. That wild thing has some mad climbing skills that are about to meet a spray bottle of water. This is some evidence of her wall climbing…




Everything I did needs a second coat today. And, the windows will need pried open. As I took these pictures a few minutes ago, I realized that I sort of painted some of them shut… fantastic… these are the newest windows in our house and the only ones that I am actually strong enough to open and don’t have to use all my body weight to shut.


Now, we just need to go pick up the 17 sheets of plywood that we need for the floor, then cut, prime, paint, glue, nail, and poly x5!

He wants to use ‘cut nails’ that look cool. We can’t use them in a nail gun. So, it looks like Mr. Blacksmith might be working on his hammer swinging if he doesn’t change his mind! :) He things other nails will make the floor look as cheap as it really is. But, the floor paint color is fairly dark, so I’m not sure if they will show up enough to matter.



  1. oh wow! It's looking so good. Poor Dustin! Please tell him I hope he feels better soon! (cause he's still got a lot of work to do) hehehe
    so, you're just going to lay plywood and paint it? Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just seems awfully expensive. Plywood is NOT cheap. If I'm confused, clear me up!
    take care of yourselves!

  2. So much hard work and poor Dustin's back. You two are doing an awesome job on that room.


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