DIY Club winner!

We are so excited-- for a number of reasons!

1. We FINALLY kicked the stomach virus that has been renamed "Sickmas" in our family. I think 14 of the 18 of us were sick with it.

2. While I was sick and in bed, I remembered that they were choosing The DIY Club winner on the 27th. I managed to grab my IPod Touch, check my email, see we had won, and roll over. I was THRILLED, but too sick to do anything about it. A few hours later when Dustin was conscious, I passed on the news! We are just now feeling up to sitting at the computer to select some of the prizes. It's like Christmas all over again.. minus the Sickmas...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about "Sickmas." We, too, had a stomach virus that worked it' way through our family and then came back for seconds on a few of us. My hub is going to get a kick out of "sickmas"...I cannot wait to tell him!!!

    Glad you are feeling better. Congrats on the DIY Club win! Happy new year, Shannon!


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