Mythic Paint from The DIY Club

Choosing the paint color from The Diy Club winnings was the hardest selection. In the end, we are getting two gallons of Mythic Paint in the bottom color, Light Sage. (it's a bit lighter on the chip than it looks here)

While we do have a list of projects, we already have the paint (leftover from the living room) that we plan to use. This contest made us look through everything in our house to see where we needed to paint.

The stairwell and hallway both need an update and a fresh coat. But, that only need about half a gallon of paint total. We wanted to make sure that we were getting JUST enough paint so we decided to find another area that would need a little over a gallon. So, the room that we have currently set up as a bright yellow nursery is getting the same shade. We've learned the hard way (and then some) about planning ahead for a nursery, so this color is much more neutral and doesn't make us feel like we're putting a cart before a horse. That room takes just over a gallon of paint, perfect!

We've also been talking about doing something "plankish" in the hallway too, so now we can put the paint $ towards planks :) My dictionary wall is still cool and holding up well, but not in the place where I was trying to cover up a gap and uneven paneling.

I'm ready to start this project NOW, but I think the bathroom downstairs (the one that has been ripped apart for a year and a half is next on the list)

Of course, I do have serious Project ADD, so I might have to do them both at the same time and drive Dustin crazy. :)

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  1. I personally think you will LOVE Mythic paint! I know I do.
    That's a really pretty color.


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