It's electric... and about 5 other projects

(boogie woogie woogie...)

Earlier this week, Dustin, Ellie, and purple Wubba added an electrical outlet in the hallway. Now, we can get solid internet all through the house and don't have to frantically run around looking for the cordless.

Of course, the cordless isn't on the charger anyway..... We also bumped our Netflix package up $2 a month so we could watch unlimited Instants. We feel like we have cable now! We watched one episode of Hoarders; Dustin said he was getting hives from seeing it :). Adding this outlet helps the Xbox pick up a better signal so it doesn't get all pixelated.

We also finished organizing the kitchen, and pantry, and spice cabinet.

And threw things away that expired in 2005. Yes. 2005. We moved here in 2006. How that happened, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it was me who did it!

We made some carrot and spinach pasta to ship to California to our nephew...

And we rearranged the entire living room.

The piano used to be here.

But, it is now across the room.

Dustin wants to get rid of the couch and love seat and buy some smaller chairs. The thought of buying new furniture gives me hives though! I hate spending money :)

And, I broke my phone. 

 Luckily, Megan had a spare hanging around so I'm the owner of a new used Palm that I can barely figure out!

I also finished a class and started a new one. I'm officially starting the research classes for my dissertation!

Up next: the bathroom that's been ripped apart for 2 years because of a foundation leak DISASTER that is, knock on wood, officially fixed. One year ago, we bought the things we needed to finish the project. It is finally making the cut!


  1. poor phone! :) jamie is horrible on phones. I don't think they make one that is "jamie proof". glad you got another. I have a palm treo, and I like it a lot.
    yay for the extra outlet. That Dustin sure is handy! I'm sure it helps that he has such good "gophers".
    you're too funny shipping pasta! :) I'm sure he appreciates it though.
    that sure is some bright green tile you got goin' on there girl!
    hope your week is going well!

  2. Nick will be thrilled that the xbox is working even better! How did you guys move that piano? According to the bff's it's HEAVY!

  3. Hi there!!~ Nice to meet you and thanks for following my blog, I am following you too. Looks like you have a lot going on. I like the idea of that blog party tips on your blog and improvement. The only thing that I personally see that I would change is the background. I just am not crazy about the brown. Although, I love color, I have made my background completely white. Everyone has noticed my pictures and clarity ever since. I used to have too much goings on:)! Have great day.


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