One A Day

We have lived here for almost 5 years. While we have done a lot of different types of projects (painting, ripping up carpet, tiling...) we seemed to have missed one detail that really changes the look of a room.

Many (when I say many, I mean 95%) of our walls look like this.

Yes, they are paneling, but that's not what I'm talking about right this second. Look a little closer

Not only do we have nothing on the walls, but there are even hangers around the walls with nothing hanging from them. The empty hangers are left from the people we bought the house from- 5 years ago.

A few days ago, Dustin started a campaign. We cleaned out the room that's turned into the "Where's this go? Oh, I'll pile it in that room...". That soon turned into this...

...which neither of us could stand. So, we cleaned it up and out and now have an ALMOST empty room.

So, back to Dustin's campaign. This room was also the "where should we hang this? I don't know. I'll put it in the room". After we cleaned the room up, we needed to do something with all the stuff we have been planning to hang- for 5 years. Dustin had a novel idea- we'll actually HANG it all up :)

So, once a day, he is hanging something up. In our defense, well, actually in MY defense... we hung pictures downstairs shortly after moving in (they have since been taken down, haha). But, it took us - and by us, I mean OCD Dustin-- 3 hours to hang 3 things. Three hours. For three prints that I bought and carried all over Europe one summer rolled up so they wouldn't get wrinkled.

So, that experience left us where we are today: bare walls!

We are currently three days into our One-A-Day project.
So far- here's where we stand.

The shelf needs work.... but the framed piece here we got for our wedding. It finally got hung up 4 years and 8 months (to the DAY!) of our wedding :)

Yesterday, we looking high and low for a place for the starburst mirror I made. I plan to make more, so we wanted it in a place where they could grow.

This entertainment was huge when we had it downstairs. When we moved it into the new living room upstairs, it shrunk.

*I've not seen Sophie, the cat, in 2 hours. I pick up the camera and she instantly appears RIGHT in the shot.

Of course, today is Day 3. Dustin is at a "Hammer In" in another town. There is a group of men who blacksmith in the area. (I think the "area" is all of southern Indiana). They get together from time to time at each other's houses to check out their forges and play with fire. So, he's off for the day a few hours away at his first hammer in. Hopefully, he's also getting some ideas for how he wants his building. Coming fairly soon- a nameless blacksmithing business. Don't worry, I'll make sure it makes the blog :)
We'll see if Day 3 continues on his hanging streak.

(However, I think I am already out of things for him to hang... I gotta get busy!)

I do like this One A Day idea. I think we will continue with it even after we get everything on the walls. Two days into it, it has been a nice way to get something small accomplished.

What are some other One A Day projects to tackle?

I have two more in mind. 1. My recipe book disaster and 2. My house projects, ideas, magazines disaster.


  1. Love the sunburst, it looks fabulous. Keep at it, looking good. Hugs, Marty

  2. ...loving your comment abotu your cat...min does that too...don't see him forever and then all the sudden when I go to take a photo - hello kitty! They must be closet drama queens :)

  3. Hi there! I found your blog via The Lettered Cottage and my husband and I are planning to do the floors in our "new" house the way you and your husband did yours above your garage- brilliant!

    I decided to comment because my husband is a blacksmith too! He has been at it for about 3 or 4 years now and has a "firehouse" but right now it's full of junk because of the aforementioned "new" house project. We're nowhere near Southern Indiana (NE Alabama) but we're always excited to learn of other young blacksmiths. It's really important to my husband to keep the craft alive.


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