Housekeeping: TIME OUT

I am a pretty organized person.

Dustin says I'm the most unorganized organized person he knows. He said this to me one day in the grocery store after I checked my purse, my jeans, my sleevies, and my jacket pockets for the grocery list I had spend a week making (it was in the car).

I am pretty organized. I have to be. I do a lot. A LOT. Too much. This week, I learned to say "I'm sorry, but no thank you". I felt guilty. (past tense). I got over it.

I like to stay busy but I've recently arrived at the point where I'm TOO busy. I stay up late; I sleep in; I typically take a cat nap in the afternoon... but when I'm not sleeping, I'm here, at the computer working or writing papers. I love my job. I love being a student. But, I've taken on a bit too much 'other' lately. So, I finally passed on something. Yeah, it cost me money. But, man, do I have peace of mind. That's worth way more.

This slowly began this week. Somehow Dustin and I both ended up sitting at the piano and I crudely plunked out the one song that I know. I took lessons a lot when I was little (I never practiced though...oops...). I realized that I want to learn how to play again. But, alas, no time.

We have a treadmill. An expensive treadmill... I used to run miles daily. I'm over that, but I would like to start using it to walk. But- no time to use it.

I blog. I'm a sloppy blogger. I don't edit my pics; I don't proofread. I often remember things I meant to say at a random 4 am when a cat wakes me up. Once again... no time.

This should have hit me earlier. The first time I went to my acupuncturist he told me I was so tense and anxious that I should have stomach trouble (please, I don't have time for that!). Then, he did the treatment, dimmed the lights, and told me to relax as he shut the door. Twenty minutes later, I was still all tensed up in the recliner with needles in my arms. I had to talk myself into chilling out. It wasn't because of the needles.. it was because I didn't know what to do with myself with NOTHING TO DO!

So, this week, I finally passed on something. I also organized myself a little better. I keep a daily planner. Yesterday, I printed a yearly planner that's big enough to write on each day but small enough to fit into my planner. And I planned. Only those things that I know about that are set in stone-- when my classes as a teacher start, when they end, when weeks are with a lot of grading, the dentist appointment in May where I'll be told that I still need to stop grinding my teeth (did I mention I might be a bit anxious?! :))

I also made a blog list. I need to do some housekeeping and organizing around here. So, bear with me over the next little bit. I'm also going to stop being a lazy blogger. I promise to start proofreading. I'm also going to start using Picasa or Piknik so my pictures are better.

So, it might not be sudden... but, it's coming :)


  1. I have never noticed anything about your (not)proofreading! :)
    I'm glad you learned to say no. Sometimes it's hard.
    I hope you have a great week!

  2. don't be so hard on yourself! burnout is no good to anyone.. and sounds like you're dangerously close to finding yourself there. take time to breathe my dear.. everything else will get done in due time. :) {this coming from one who's been there, done that!}

  3. burnout happens to all of us. relax and realize that it's not a huge deal. I look forward to seeing how your re-group and organization frees you.

    Lauren from www.charlesandhudson.com

  4. I'm an unorganized organized person too. I completely get it. The reason I have so many lists, spreadsheets and labels is because I probably wouldn't be able to remember a thing without them. Also, another similiarity, I have chipped my front tooth TWICE in the middle of the night from grinding my teeth while sleeping and stressed! Maybe this is a new homeowner trend?? Anyways, I am a new here (now following you!) but I think everything looks great. Very organized and I really like your header. Nice to "meet" you!

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