Beach(less) bums

We are still being project slugs right now. Yes, the plumbing got done in the bathroom… last week. Then, we had a rainy day, went to the library and have both been reading in our spare time. I haven’t read a book (well, one that’s not about quantitative or qualitative research strategies in months). The book I did end up reading ended up being… meh… but I still read it in one night. I was still really curious about the characters even though the plot was a bit predictable. It’s a series, so I’ll give her another chance.

Ellie and Wubba have even taken to our bumming around in the spare bedroom/office.


While I didn’t get the reading help that Dustin got earlier today, I did end up with quite a crew as I watched the Oscars last night.


I think they were just trying to soak up some body heat from me. Soph wanted to sit with us, but she and Margot despise each other. They have an unspoken (however, quite hissy) rule that they can't get within 5 feet of each other.


If the beagle could have her way, this is how she would spend each and every day .all day. and all night.

And, if her daddy’s look is any indication, I think he’d be ok with that too.




And, since I”m doing nothing but talking about how much we’ve been sitting around the house lately… today, we made a major revelation. We watched the entire series of The Tudors over the past 6 months. Mainly at night before we go to bed. (Yeah, bad plan on those nights when someone got tortured).

Well, we knew the series ended and he died—It’s Henry VIII, we know he’s dead. So, we watch all of them and in the final disc, he just collapses and it goes to blank screen. We thought, “wow, that was to the point” and went on with life.

Today, Dustin happened to look on our tv cabinet in the bedroom and found the disc with the last 2 episodes on it.Apparently what we thought was “the end” was just a dramatic collapse. Yeah, he still dies, but there’s some closure at least. So, Nick and Megan, we didn’t mean to steal your last cd of The Tudors :) We finished it tonight and got to see him really die. What a relief.

And really, in between all these beach(less) bum pictures and stories, we have been REALLY productive. None of it is blog-worthy though… unless you wanna read my problem statement for my research class. :)


  1. I sooo need to be a bum right now. This rotation has turned me into a lazy mess. What should have been ample opportunity to be a busy bee has turned me into a slug...no a couch potato. I love the cuddle babies on the couch. And no worries...when you get back into the swing of things (most likely when it is warmer for more than one day out of the week)...I will be eager to see what you have in store for us.


  2. Oh my goodness your puppy is just too darn cute! We have bum days all the time with our pups. Its cold by golly :0) In fact, there are times we've started a project and ended up right back in bed with our pooches instead.

  3. OK you got me curious...what book is it that you read?

    I recently just finished the Tudors as well. I know the part you are talking about. Funny. Glad you are getting some relaxation. I think I have unconsciously given myself a break as well.
    Little Blue Chairs

  4. Ok that is funny, cause I didn't think the ending of the Tudors was THAT bad.... Nick could've sworn he gave Dustin the entire 4th season. Crack me up!! If it makes you feel any better, I've spent my off week doing nothing so far too, and my house is messy. =)

    P.S. Abby wants Ellie to know that she sits the EXACT same way with Nick. They're BFF's too...except they're girls, and the b stands for best instead of boyfriends.

  5. Sometimes it is good to be a bum, read books with obvious plots and characters, and just veg.

    The pictures of your dog perched on your husband's lap are too cute.


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