Plumb done

They may not be pretty pictures to you,but to us, they are beautiful!
While they may look like pictures of a ripped apart bathroom…

…they are representative of FINISHED PLUMBING. 
(well, except that we might try to rotate the toilet if that is something that is earthly and “codely” possible… but that’s further down the road.)
Dustin also announced that he liked plumbing better than electrical work (which he used to do) Music to my ears. Electricity makes me nervous. Water will mop up. (or vac up, as is our experience)
Up next, ripping down the rest of the painted wallpaper. Then, measuring the walls for _____. Bead board? Board and batten?  Moldy drywall? oh wait… that’s what we just got rid of…

*After I posted this, I went back through old posts because I wanted to link to a post about shop vac-ing up water. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. While I have blogged about the foundation leak, I apparently have neglected to tell the story about Dustin breaking off the water main INSIDE the house for 40 minutes.... oh, honey, do I have a story to tell about that. Megan can vouch for that one :) I'm not sure her dad's shop vac was ever the same after fighting the hundreds of gallons of water that came from the kitchen floor...


  1. Hi Shannon, just making a quick stop in today- i am a new follower and joining in the circle. I will be coming back and seeing what you have been up to over the next few days.

    :) -Laurie

  2. Um, I'm pretty sure that KILLED Dad's shop vac pal. haha I had to buy him a new one for the whatever the next gift-giving holiday was. Glad to see Dustin made it through this round of plumbing without burning his arm or breaking the water main!! Can't wait to see it finished.

  3. hey! that might be the prettiest plumbing I've ever seen!
    I believe I remember you telling that story on the van during the hop and shop? :)

  4. Yay! Every completed task counts when remodeling! I never thought I would be so excited about mudding being done and being able to sand...but it has been the highlight of my day a lot here lately. :)

  5. That looks great. I totally agree with Dustin... I'm game for trying most plumbing tasks around the house, but I usually keep to a minimum on electrical work. I've been shocked before, and I'm not interested in doing it again.

    WOW, I'm looking forward to hearing about a water main break INSIDE the house. I bet that was fun.

  6. YAY!!! I can understand the beauty of these pictures just fine :0) Hahaha, i too am very excited to hear hear the water main story. we had a leak the first day in our new house that went strait through the dining room but it sounds like nothing compared to this!

  7. I bet it feels great to have it done! good job!


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