DIY Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Back when my desk looked like this
desk before
(I finally found a before pic!)
…I bought a piece of class to put on the top since it was in rough shape.
Then, I redid this desk (again) and the glass was too small. I have about $40 in the glass so I wanted to put it to work.
It is also a pretty thick piece.
When I won the DIY Club’s December project, I got a can of mirror spray paint. So, I took the glass outside a few days ago with my mirror paint and my little painter’s pyramids that I also won (what did I ever do before I had them?!?!)

IMG_5896  IMG_5899 IMG_5900 IMG_5902  
It said to put on 5 coats. Luckily, I had just enough for that many. I was a bit nervous when I started. It looked funny and didn’t take shape very quickly.

When I was done, I was disappointed. It looked like a smoky, old, not cool mirror. But, I leaned it against the dining room table and have left it or a few days to see what we think.
Here, you can see it next to an actual mirror. It is starting to look better than I originally thought.
(all that junk in the reflection is stuff that we recently moved out of the half bath downstairs so we can finish it). This mirror will most likely go in there when that room is done.
*You also get a glimpse of my work attire and bowed legs  :)

Here is a very close up of the texture of the mirror if you look closely.
I do think the mirror paint is cool. But, I think that it might be best for something smaller. Or, maybe I just needed a little more.

This piece of glass will either get trimmed out and put in that bathroom, or it might still get chalkboard painted and put in the kitchen :) We gotta figure out how to hang it as a mirror first. It is HEAVY!

PS- We just had a mini trip fall through... but, that's okay news because I've been working ahead because I thought we were flying tomorrow. I was going to be losing 2 days of work. Now, I have time to organize here! So, for the next few days, things might be a mess! You always have to make a mess to clean up something :)


  1. cool, thanks for sharing that with us! Keep us posted what you do with it.
    trip fell through! :(
    everything happens for a reason. Was it weather related?


  2. It think it looks good! I have some that spray paint 'Looking glass' stuff, too. Just waiting for the weather to warm up and try it on a few things.

  3. I like it! Mirror paint??? I've never heard of it! I think you put it to good use. It's hard to get used to something, but it grows on you! Have fun getting projects done! Sorry about your trip. I HATE it when that happens! You have such a good attitude!

  4. this looks like an interesting project i'd love to see the completed desk


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