The projects I would have done if I wouldn’t have been DIY lazy this week.. and last week…


I’m not exactly sure what I’ve been doing lately that’s caused me to stop blogging, doing projects, and being productive in general. I blame Liz Lemon. We just got Netflix instant a few weeks ago and we’ve been obsessively watching 30Rock. We saw the first season in one week. We are trying to pace ourselves through Season 2. It’s hilarious.

So, here are the things that I would have been doing had I not been watching 30 Rock in all my free time.

#1 piano/organ bench:


It would have had the bottoms of its legs cut off to shorten it. The cover would be taken off; it would be painted and then glazed. Then, I would have decided whether the cushion should be recreated on top.


Untouched project #2: Photo Wall


Here, we will be putting OLD family photos along with new ones. We have a quote we LOVE that I will be painting onto a board to hang here too.

Evidence #3 of my slacker days- This chair


It just really needs recovered. I got it for free from a neighbor. I know once we start, I’ll be find. But I’m nervous about starting. Any reupholsters out there who wanna come to southern Indiana and show me the way? :) (Technically that open space on the fireplace is really high up on this list too… we need to enclose that. We’ve needed to enclose that for about 14 months now… :))

A new addition: #4- the dresser that I decided needs a paint job, new handles, and my clothes in it. It currently holds computer related stuff and off related stuff that we never use. Ever.



And, #5- the quote that I won from the Diy Club. I just bought a board for it this week. We have paneling everywhere, so I need to put it on a board to hang up rather than just putting it on the wall.


I don’t feel guilty about being a DIY slacker as of late :) Dustin has been working in the bathroom while I work. Then, we take a 30 Rock break. So, at least he’s making progress :) Today, he’s removing the nasty tile in there and hopes to start the plumbing.

In other news- our car FINALLY got here. Dustin found this on EBay at a car dealer who focuses on mass sales rather than making a lot on each sale. We got a great deal. And yes, I now drive a station wagon :)


We also spent some time last weekend stalking this barn.


We think we need it so we can convert it into a house to live in. There is a 99.999999% chance that we won’t do this. But, that didn’t stop us from stalking it with the camera and binoculars on Sunday :) It’s still fun to imagine :) And, yes, this is as close as we could get :)


  1. Well the barn looks crying for help, why don't you try buying it?

  2. um... you are hilarious! Love the car, at-least it's not a mini-van which is what we are going to get this weekend. I think I just died a little inside:(

  3. Is that a Volvo I see? Welcome to the club. :)

  4. That barn would be COOL...seriously!

    ...and quit calling yourself lazy...sometimes shows are just to great to stop watching ( We just started...and just finished as many Mad Men cds as are out...)

    ...OH and don't throw those handles away on the dresser - they are amazing!!


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