On your mark, get set, PLUMB


Today, we are without water while Dustin works on the plumping for the bathroom. Currently this half bath has only cold water. The water lines are in the concrete below and the previous owners had to cap off the hot. Since we’re already running hot water along the wall and through the new wall, we might as well go ahead and do the cold just in case the cold line in the concrete decides to go ka-put as well. 

IMG_5974  IMG_5976

When we redid the laundry room a few years ago, we knew this day was coming, so we started to run some of the lines then. See that window up there? It’s the twin of the one in the bathroom. So, when we figure out what we’re doing with one, they will both get special treatment.

Yesterday, Dustin ripped out the layers of tile that were in here. Unfortunately, that also meant that some of the linoleum in the hallway got ripped up. OUCH. So, now, we’re gonna have to find a solution for that little problem.




Tiling the hallway was not on the short project list. I don’t think it even made the “if we won the lotto what we we do to the house list”. However, it has managed to become quite high on the “sooner than later” list.



He also knocked out the mini wall  that was in there. We plan to finish that little area a bit and put cabinet doors here. This just got thought of yesterday :) So, the new plan is to store all the cleaner-type products in here so they are away from the pantry.


We also got the tile that we won from the DIY Club yesterday.



I love projects. But… having everything stripped down to the bare concrete is just… ugh and gross. I’ll be more than ready when we can finally get this project marked off the list! (remember, it’s been a ripped apart bathroom for a year and a half :)) So, it’s been gross for a while :) We just want it completed by the end of March. So, we aren’t in a major hurry but we have a reasonable time frame to help push us along.

And, when I say us, I mean Dustin since he’s done 99% of the work in there lately :)


  1. cool beans! it's moving right along.
    Is that a pocket door that your knees almost hit while you sit on the throne? :)
    I saw your post yesterday in my reader. Just didn't hop out to comment.
    You have a lot of projects waiting!
    I hope you find some motivation soon.
    me=exhausted! and back at it again tomorrow.
    take care!

  2. Wow you are really buckling down aren't you!
    Oh yes I am always so excited to start a new project and then when the mess is at its biggest I hate it. But then the building part starts again. And I love that.
    Good luck with the tiling!

  3. I love that you're making that crawl space into a storage space with cabinet doors. What a great solution for it!


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