I {heart} CSN!


I’ve mentioned here before that I love CSN Stores. They have everything under the sun there.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get to choose a few products to review. I’m still waiting for the third one to arrive, but the first two things arrived quickly and are already used daily in this house.

The first, a replacement carafe for our big coffee press.


When the original one broke, we just bought a smaller press rather than a replacement carafe. However, we’ve missed those 12 cups :) I only drink one cup most days, but Dustin typically drinks it all morning.

Our second item was a phone for our kitchen. We’ve had a cheapy silver phone there and Dustin wanted something cool. When I searched CSN, this immediately popped up and I knew this was going to have to be ours.

IMG_6076 IMG_6079

We love it! It is a bit more plastic than we expected, or at least than I expected. But, it still serves its purpose and it still a unique piece for the kitchen.

It doesn’t have to have money to be used, but it does accept coins and can be used as a bank with a key too.

The third item is a spaghetti fork. So, while it isn’t something spectacular, it is something we’ve been looking for. We’re slowing trying to eliminate as much plastic as we can. (minus the new phone, ha) So, the stainless spaghetti fork is much anticipated and will be used at least one a week!

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  1. That phone is awesome! I bet it looks great in the kitchen.


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