we still have a toilet on the porch...

...but, the bathroom has made some progress.

I think Dustin is taking an unwritten, unspoken project break with me. Since he's doing 100% of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc, I guess that's ok :) I've been spending a lot of quality time with the couch and the 'pink' tabby kitten.

Don't let her fool you; she's only calm and cute when she's asleep! (the cat too, har har)

Against my bossiness better judgement, Dustin patched the drywall along the wall where the sink will be. his defense: "A big mirror will go there and cover that..."

For his second drywall job, it's not bad. He still hates to drywall, but he's learning some tips along the way.

At least this is a small bathroom :).

We leave for LA on Friday (don't worry, we have a full time house sitter to keep the animals company). So, it doesn't appear that we will be getting the floor tiled before we go. Oh well.

What's a toilet on the porch for at least 2 more weeks?  I told you we are classy ;)


  1. glad you're taking it easy... hope ya'll are safe from the storm. I think it's passing over you right about now! It's headed right for me!
    about to go to the basement.

    be safe!

  2. it's great to hear that you're making more progress on the bathroom.


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