Workin' in sunny Cali

While it is POURING at home, we're soaking up some sun where oranges grow in your backyard.

We landed in Los Angeles on Friday, hit SeaWorld on Saturday (in San Diego) and have been working at my brother and sister in law's new house ever since. According to Hadley, my 2 year old nephew, the boys have been "working real hard". The past few days, they have been.

Yesterday and today, my brother and Dustin dug a trench to their garage to bury the electric.

Hadley put it best when walking outside. "It's a mess!" But, they did a good job of putting it all back together. They finished up the garage today.

Yesterday, while the boys worked, I was on train duty. ALL. DAY. This little guy is obsessed. We even made additional "freight cars" by adding other toys so we had a longer train.

Today, while he is at school, Dustin and Daniel worked in his room. (while I worked online... have I mentioned that I love my job?) He had no overhead light when he left this morning, but will be coming home to this great toddler fan.

It took some attic crawling and hole cutting in plaster, but between the two of them, it didn't take all too long. Lucky for Uncle Dustin, there was already a pipe with wire (I'm technical with my electrical, I know), so he was able to use that space to easily get the wire for the switch where it needed to be.

Up next, hanging some shades outside, possibly staining their back concrete, and doing recessed lighting in their livingroom. For now, we're all hanging out underneath red bowls trying out the possibilities.

Tomorrow, I'll be back on train duty with this little guy.

**I'm only posting this because it's SOOO stinkin' cute of him. When I showed it to Dustin, I said something about it being an awful picture of me and makes me look 9 months pregnant. His response: "can't you PhotoShop yourself or something?" Thanks, babe :) This is what playing trains ALL day does to Aunt Shannon :)**

Oh, and don't worry... we have a full time house/cat/chicken sitter to take care of everyone and make sure no one steals our junk awesome stuff while we are away :).


  1. Awww...I love the picture Aunt Shannon! You guys are too cute!

  2. Looks like a lot of work but I'm sure it's worth it!


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