My task for June: Spare bedrooms

It's not gonna be pretty.

It's not gonna be fun.

But, it's driving me crazy.

First, I'm tackling the closet in my office:

It's not awful. But, it has a mix of crafty supplies, wedding dress, stuffed animals from my youth, sorority clothes from college, frilly dresses from when I was less than 3 feet tall, and Barbie dolls still in boxes.

I'm planning on getting out everything but the crafty stuff first. Then, the craft supplies will be tackled along with this room:

This room is part baby stuff, (Most of that is shoved into the closet), part furniture with nowhere to go, part craft stuff, part "where's this go? I'll put it in here for now".

There are also MANY mini projects in this room-- empty photo albums and boxes of pictures, my crate of house ideas waiting to be put in a binder, my box of cookbooks waiting to be gone through and put into some sort of binder/organization.

This will all have to be done in between naps, work, and paper writing :)

Here's to June and productivity!
Cross your fingers!


  1. My june looks pretty good, just regular projects, but july ??? clean out the basement. woe is me! It's going to be b.a.d.

    Good luck to you! Make sure you keep june 18 FREE! :)
    we're gonna have fun!

  2. I feel your pain! I had to get EVERYTHING out of my house for the remodel. So it is all boxed up in no orderly fashion. This summer will be spent in the garage sorting everything out into Keep, Throw Away and Yard Sale piles...I am NOT looking forward to it! Good luck and PLEASE share any tips for making these tasks less of a pain! :)

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