You can't have anything nice....

Dustin wasn't a cat person when we started dating. Slowly Margot and Dyna (who got hit by a car almost 2 years ago) slowly won him over. They were cute kittens and constantly wrestled. It helped that Dyna was more like a puppy than a cat.

Over time, he started calling them "vermin" and started saying on a daily basis "you can't have anything nice with cats". They didn't destroy much. They were hard on things though.

Over time, he still says "you can't have anything nice with cats". I don't hear the term "vermin" as much anymore; it must have been reserved for "Dyna so Fina" as he called her :).

However, he has never had any pets that I could say the same about... until now.

Enter the Chickens of Mass Destruction.

They eat every bloom on every flower I have. They pull up a lot of those flowers at the roots. Then, they found the lavender.

I ran them out every time I saw them in it. They apparently loved it. I got pecked. I got ignored. I even tried to shove them out of it and got no reaction... other than my foot getting pecked even more.

So, I moved my lavender.

This was lavender that I bought on SUPER sale last year and nursed back to health.

Can you see the little bit of green life left in it? Here's a close up...

Oh wait... the Chickens of Mass Destruction completely killed all 6 plants that I had.

I've given up on trying to plant anything where the lavender originally was. It has turned into the chicken dust bath area instead. I can't win. I feel too bad leaving them in their coop and runs all day when it's hot. This is what I get for being nice :)

Fancy is lucky I think she's the cute one with her jet black eyes. (It helps that she's also the little one).

So, from now on, at least I have a leg to stand on when Dustin starts "You can't have anything nice..." I can not interrupt him and finish with a "with chickens of mass destruction".

*He also told me before we got them that they would eat bugs and kill/chase away snakes. I have seen zero evidence of either of these. In fact, last summer, they were all in a circle (when Margot was stuck in the tree for the second time). I went to see what was going on. As I got closer, a snake that was part of the circle took off in one direction, scared all the ladies and they ran in another (closely on my heels).

You can't have anything nice.... (well, except for daily fresh eggs :)... I won't add that part though....)


  1. Ohhh, geeze! I had no idea that the chickens were so destructive! Of course, I know nothing about chickens! hahaha
    sooo sorry about your plants!
    just think "eggs".

  2. Oh man! I thought my dogs were tough on plants, but they've got nothing on your chickens!! Hope you can teach those ladies some manners. : )

  3. ah-hahahahaha...laughing at your chickens :"{ I let mine out when it is hot too and I had planted some sunflower and hollyhock seedlings by the shed next to the coop, and of course, the one place they want to scratch and sleep is right there...luckily I caught them and shooed them away...who needs to sleep in plain view of a hawk anyway chickens??? c'mon!!

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