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Today is Dustin's Saturday. That means that he’s been going a million miles an hour since his feet hit the carpet. Late this morning, he wanted to run some errands and I wanted to check out Goodwill and hit the dollar store and True Value for an upcoming project.

I struck out at Goodwill, (or so I thought) and had to get my supplies at the dollar store and True Value. But, on my way through, I spotted this frame.


(Since these are obviously taken from my house rather than the store, spoiler alert: I had to go back later today and buy it)

As always, Sophie showed up just as I was taking the pictures. In this next one, She’s helping to show the largeness of this frame, along with the gross backside of her tongue. I apparently didn’t give her time to get cleaned up before snapping the pic.


Anyway, the painting has a gash in it diagonally up from Sophie’s ear. Lucky for me, I didn’t buy it for the painting. The frame itself is (mostly) wood and is very well constructed. It is made to hold a canvas. And, it’s HUGE.

I followed Gail’s $5 rule and still walked away this morning thinking “Dustin will die if I walk out with this and not what I came for” and “where will I put it”. It comes up to my belly button so there was going to be no sneaking this out to the car. He doesn’t mind when I buy things, since I NEVER do, but, his hesitation starts when I can’t identify the exact location/purpose for an object immediately before purchasing it. Not a bad trait, but one that can get in my way when I find a bargain I can’t pass up (a second time).

By this afternoon, I was still thinking about the $5 frame and all its glory and possibilities. So, when Dustin realized we were out of kitty litter (EMERGENCY!), back to town we went. I knew not to push my luck and see if he’d grab it for me, so I tagged along and crammed it in the back with Ellie, kitty litter, and dog food.

The deciding factor(s)? Well, it’s huge… it was ONLY $5… it can be painted… and, since we’ve lived here for a little over 5 years and have 99% blank walls, I think I can find a place to put it. (Dustin had no argument in return when I posed that last point!)

So, for now, it’s probably going to end up in the TO DO pile, of course. But, we’re in the midst of redoing the baby room and possibly the living/diningroom and my office while we’re at it. (go big or go home, right?)

So, I have plenty of potential places to hang a possibly empty, gigantic, $5, Goodwill, I-gotta-have-it-Honey frame.

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  1. Love that last line of your post! :)
    I have sold a lot of people on my $5 rule!
    I think you found a great buy. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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