Victory is (almost) mine: garden success

The zucchini is starting to bloom and produce!!!

The tomatoes are also starting to produce. These are about the size of dimes in this picture.

Knock on wood, the chickens have been kept out of these! I do have something eating leaves on my tomatoes. I'm on the hunt for him tomorrow.


  1. If you tomato leaves are being seriously munched look for the tomato hornworm. It is pretty big but can hide really well as it is the same exact color as the leaves... and they can do serious damage to a plant so you want to get rid of them. I used to add one or two to a blender full of water and then spray it the next day on the next day. OH it was an old blender from a yard sale that I used for bug sprays only!!

    Good luck!!

  2. Go girl, totally impressed!! Nothing growing over here... How you doing btw? Still feeling good?

  3. woohoo! :)
    whoa! can you believe how HOT it is? Stay cool!
    ps thinking of Dustin! don't know how he does it!

  4. Congrats on the gardening success! I overcrowded mine last year and it did poorly, this time I cut way back. Who knew that zucchini plants get so incredibly huge?
    We harvested our first zucchini last night and Mike immediately cooked it for me on the grill. Yummmm! I just love zucchini and summer squash.

  5. Hey did you find your garden crasher?


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