All tiled out


Over the past two weeks or so, Dustin and his mom have been working on getting our downstairs (under the stairs, actually) bathroom put together.

We once had a foundation leak (as seen here) that led to use ripping the whole bathroom, purple and black mold, included. That link also includes all the fun we had with a backhoe in the backyard fixing the foundation leak, the masks we wore while we ripped out moldy drywall and bleached it all down, and flooding that was both IN and OUT of the house that summer… fun.


This wall is the back of the house and is MOSTLY underground. Dustin wants to replace the window and make it useable. (my vote is to just cover it up…) But, this is what we had after he drywalled (here), plumbed (here and here), and studded up a wall (here)… in the complete reverse order I have listed :)

So, after all that fun, Dustin and his mom primed the drywall and put a few coats of masonry sealer on the back wall. Minus the gross, old, boarded up window and the still nasty floor, it was so much cleaner in there just with paint.


Then, it all got a coat of Bay Oyster (a Valspar color we had matched in Behr semi gloss) and Porcini (another Valspar color in Behr, satin). The while is what the trim is in the bonus room. We bought enough to paint all the trim in the house with it. Porcini was going to be the floor color in the bonus room until we decided to stain the plywood instead.

Then, another evening, they tiled the floor using the Orchid Tile ceramic tiles that we won from the DIY Club in December. (the link to the plywood floor talks about that).

The light bulb in there is an awful “daylight” one hanging from a wire, but here is the “finished” tile job minus the grout.


The color in this next one is completely washed out, but it shows the back wall along with the beadboard wall next to it. We wanted to keep the block wall open for now. We know the leak is fixed, but we like to keep an eye on it. We would like to maybe tile the wall eventually.


Luckily, we won 25 sq feet of tile. We have about 6 inches square left over! Just enough to keep in case we need to get more or to match it to anything!


Now, we just need to grout, trim, touch up, and (oh yeah) bring in the toilet off the side porch….IMG_6427

But I”m SO HAPPY with the progress so far! As we get closer to being done, I’ll get together a really before and after post of this room. Although it’s small, the difference is already amazing. The mold may have been beautiful shades of purple, green, and black, but mold is mold… any shade and color scares us! So, this room is already a 100% improvement! And, it’s mold free!


  1. yay for mold free and LOTS of progress on the bathroom.
    You should have planted some flowers/veggies in the toilet while it's been on the porch! hahahah
    sorry, I'm extremely tired and maybe a little giddy.
    have a great weekend shannon and dustin!

  2. Looks great!! Dustin...I mean Barb...did a fine job with the painting. =)

  3. Fun fun. We're about to do a lot of tiling too!

  4. That's quite a lot of work right there, and it's just so fulfilling to see the progress and how everything is coming out together. The tiles added a refreshing touch to the bathroom floor. A Before and After post should definitely be done, Shannon!


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