Recycling & Chickens

Tomorrow is an exciting day. First, I am guest posting at Fireflies and Jellybeans. It is my first guest appearance! So, check me out there and you'll find out why I've had so many stinking Styrofoam balls to craft with lately!

AND, cue dramatic music, tomorrow is THE big day. Yes, tomorrow, Dustin is beginning his long awaited chicken coop.

Disappointed? Sorry... it is big stuff here in our house right now.

 The view from the back steps (last summer).

He has been wanting chickens for a long time. He wants fresh eggs. Since we eat a grand total of less than a dozen eggs a MONTH, it makes perfect sense! :)

But, I'm on the chicken bandwagon now too. I hear they eat tons of bugs and will kill snakes. We may become bff. I'm tired of being a feast when I walk outside... and snakes.. we've had some snakes. And, of course, snakes are the ONLY things that just creep me out. Our first summer here, between Dustin and Dyna- the cat/killer extraordinaire (who was in a car accident last summer.. RIP Dyna-so-fina), killed TWENTY SEVEN. Yes, that's right 27. Bring on the chickens.

The only parts we will have to purchase are the chickens and the wire. He is converting a shed in the back into the coop and is using lumber from when we gutted the bathroom a few years ago for the rest. And, we just went to my mom's and got two old windows. (She has enclosed her porch with them and is about to build a greenhouse with the rest... I've threatened to make her "guest" blog about that here.)

To be honest, I've not seen the plans that have been drawn, edited, altered, and poured over yet... so I'm a bit confused about what we are doing.... but hey, they eat bugs and kill snakes. Welcome home, chickies, welcome home.

We are also going to a fancy, schmancy dinner tomorrow night in support of my neighbor's upcoming county commissioner race. No sweat pants there...

Nothing like building a chicken coop by day and then pretending I can walk in heels by night!


  1. Shannon,
    I had NO idea you were a FARMER! heheheh I also didn't know that chickens are so useful! I hope Dustin enjoys the whole chicken coup thing. Everyone needs a great adventure.
    Now you'll have lots of new things to blog about. You can educate me some more about chickens.

  2. I am featuring your guest post at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Grab my "featured" button. I linked to your site.

  3. Chickens are surprisingly fun animals to have, I'm sure you'll enjoy them ;)

  4. Shannon,

    I have seen the window coffee tables. I've always wanted to make one, but I worry about the integrity of it. I wouldn't want a little one to fall through it. I do have some tempered glass, but I would have to find a window that fits the glass I already have.
    glad you liked the vanity!


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