Slow going

Maybe I got ahead of myself yesterday. Today was THE day... but... it was more like "the day that Dustin put windows in the shed" rather than "the day Dustin built the chicken coop".

The side of the building getting "coop"ed. 

I was inside working and checked on him from time to time. Ellie is a daddy's girl, so she helped him for a while. She's not a fan of being hot though, so she really just wanted in. This look says, "Just take me inside so I can sleep on the couch and use a pillow...."

Meanwhile, this crazy thing that we let sleep in our bed was dying to get out and help.
She's still only outside on monitored visits. She's just insane. And, we live near a fairly fast road, so we're trying to keep little, crazy Sophie safe.

So, today, Dustin cut two holes in the building, framed up the windows, and then installed them. I told him it looks like he's making a lemonade stand. This was early enough in the day and pre-glass breaking, so he thought it was funny :).

Note in the above picture that his head looks like it is IN the glass? No, we are not magic. This was when I came out and noticed that the window was glassless. A big gust of wind knocked the whole window out the the frame while he was an inch too far away to catch it.  Of course! So, I think we'll get some plexiglass for this window. Luckily, my lemonade stand comment was earlier.. not sure it would have been funny (to him, ha) this late in the game :)

He put hinges on the windows so they will open and hooks and eyes on the bottom and the ceiling so they'll lock shut and can be locked open.

And... that's all that got done today. We now have big plans for tomorrow!

For now, though, this almost chicken farm girl has gotta get her heels on!

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  1. yay for Dustin... sorry about the window mishap. The same thing happened to me last year AFTER I spent a couple of days painting a fleur-de-lis on it. Wind came along and snap! it was in pieces.
    Glad to meet Ellie and crazy Sophie!
    good luck tomorrow!


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