A week in pics

I didn't mean to take a blogging break! OOPS...Here are some things that have been happening around here..

In chicken house news:

The coop has doors that lock and latch from the inside and windows that do the same.

It also got some partial walls inside that will separate them from the other part of the shed which will house outdoor tools and chicken feed.

Dustin also set the GIGANTIC posts that the chicken wire will be attached to for "runs". There are two sets of these. They are from an old hog barn that our bother in law redid. So, they were free too!

There has also been some cuddling.....

This was a first... even though they perfectly match (minus the fact that Margot only has one eye....)

And, I walked in to capture this one too....

There have also been some great blooms happening...

And, finally... I had planned to end this "week in pics" post with a pic from today, but their printer wasn't working. So..... 

In other news.... 
We are currently 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This is pregnancy number 5, so we are holding our breath and crossing everything we can! We had an ultrasound today and everything is looking good so far! That's the reason for my lapse in posts. I've been so sick that I can't hardly get off the couch to even sit at the computer and work, blog, email....  My projects are also at the mercy of my hubby who hates to paint!


  1. How do guys sleep with their hand in their pocket like that? I see Denny doing that too, and I think that looks so uncomfortable!

  2. Congrats! Fingers crossed for you all!

  3. I love all the cuddling pictures. The one with the kitty and hubby is so cute.

  4. Yay for everything! chickens, dogs, cats, hubbys, flowers and babies! :)
    I hope only the best for you all!

  5. Oh honey! tears to my eyes! Okay- tears of joy for this blessings, and of sadness for your losses and quite frankly for myself, ive been missing Evan this week. Praying for you and lil sweet pea growing. Wish I could hug you through the computer.

  6. Thinking of you guys!

    By the way, I really loved the pic of Margot! Brian and I were laughing the other day because we were remembering when Dinah and Margot went through heat as kittens...good times, good times!

    Hang in there with the morning sickness!


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