We're hot and painting

Gimme an M

Gimme an O

Gimme an E

What's that spell?

Well, technically, "moe" but I don't think that was intentional... their hearts just weren't in it. They were too hot and tired to really play along.

But, this was the kind of help I got today... and most days, actually.

Not only are the animals typically too tired to do much ALL day, but we're doing an experiment here right now. We've turned off our AC... in mid June... when it is 99 degrees and 300% humidity. 

Instead of running the central air, we've put a window unit from the wood shop in our bedroom. We're only running it from about 7pm-7am. There is another one at the other end of the house in the upstairs that stays on most of the time. The downstairs is build into the ground in the back and is all concrete under the carpet. So... we're a bit warm, but we'll see if it saves any $ and electricity in a few weeks! And, it hasn't bee HOT in here yet.

Well... minus the pics from above from today when the little 'uns and I were in a room upstairs painting an unused dresser.

I was using the Behr Black Suede paint that I got for free at the Shop and Hop I attended. But, it was about 1/18th of a cup shy of really giving it the coat it needed. When we go to the dr Friday morning, we plan to swing past HD and getting another little pot of it. Then, I'll show the disaster of a dresser and closet I have right now because I need more drawers!


  1. Hey there! I used my behr black suede last week on my blanket chest and ran into the same problem. I was "this" close to being done! I had to go buy another little pot too! :)
    can't wait to see how your dresser turns out!
    ohhhhh my! no ac in the day time? How about just setting the central to about 82? at least that would keep the humidity out. I don't like high electric bills (since I AM unemployed) but, I can't take a house with no ac. I would camp out at the store, oh wait, that would defeat the purpose, cause I'd be spending money!
    good luck with your little experiment.

  2. We're an AC-free house, it's totally do-able. The first year we lived here we had NOTHING. Except one fan. Last year my grandma gave us some window units, but we didn't have one in our bedroom. Yes, it can get warm, but it's do-able!

    I'm really interested to see how your experiment turns out. Keep us posted!

  3. Blogging about home projects seems to jinx them! Last night, after tossing and turning for an hour and a half, Dustin caved, turned off the AC in the bedroom and turned on the central air. I think the window unit has been keeping him awake all week.

    We'll see where this experiment goes! :)

    I didn't lay out the experiment well above :)
    The thermostat is in the living room. So, it is downstairs where it stays in the 70s. The house is built into the ground and along the front, we have a covered porch, so, although we have nothing but windows in the LR, it is in the shade all day and stays nice and cool. He messed with the settings on the thermostat this morning, so I think it is set to stay off all day and then kick on later tonight.

    I wouldn't make it with no AC. I joke that if we ever decided to convert to being Amish, I would have to keep the AC and the internet... :)


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