Some hen and chicks of a different species

I'm cheap.
I don't hide that fact. I brag about it. I love a good find and am giddy about great deals.

It is partially because I like to save money. I don't save it because I want it... or because I want to spend it.. or horde it. I want to be able to enjoy the little things in life and budgeting, being thrifty, and being giddy about deals gives us the chance to work less and hold hands a little more.

I'm also this way because I'm sentimental. I like things with a history and love a good story. If I know the person that the history is about, even better. If I don't, I like to create one in my mind. If I ever write a novel, this will be its essence. (I had plans when I was younger to write a novel before I was 30--- I have 2 years and 2 months! Yikes :)) And, I love a good story about a good find or good story about how a piece was updated, changed, or recycled into something even better.

I am very much like this with plants. Yes, I walk through stores and check out their "half dead, half price" plants and nurse them back to life. But, I LOVE getting plants from people. And, it isn't because I'm cheap.

Yeah, I like free plants, but I like having a part of others in our garden and yard.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the day lilies we got from my student teaching mentor and friend. (They are starting to bloom nicely, so stay tuned for more!!).

We have a rose that we were given when we lost our son. We think of him every time we look at it. And think of the caring people who thought of us when they sent it.

 I recently got these two little cuties from my mom.

They are from a much, MUCH larger collection that was once my great grandmas.

This is only part of it... she has 3 or so pots where the 'jumpers' are now planted.

So, now I have an itty bitty pot of some hen and chicks from my great grandma who passed away when I was in junior high. Not only that, but since Mom dug them up and has had them for 15+ years, they are also from my mom too.

I can't wait for mine to be pouring out of this pot! I eventually want to have a little succulent garden and these will make a great centerpiece when they grow up and have chicks of their own :)

Dustin laughed when I brought them home. "Now we both have some hen and chicks!"

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