Canning Bee #5: Veggie Soup

I love, love, love having this in the winter. Nothing is better than a big pot of homemade veggie soup on a cold, snowy afternoon. (I'm also ready for some Octoberish type of weather around here! 115 degree heat index today, ugh. And, Dustin's at work... in pants and long sleeves over a fire all day)


Prep all your veggies. We included carrots, green beans, zucchini, tomato chunks, cabbage, onions, and home grown herbs. (Corn and potatoes are added to it when we cook it to eat. Corn takes FOREVER to pressure  and I can't remember why Mom doesn't like to pressure potatoes)

We used a veggie peeler for the zukes.

All of the herbs, minus the garlic, were from Mom's little herb garden.

We prepped the tomatoes the same as we did for the tomato chunks.

We put it all in the pot and cooked it for about 45 minutes.

Then, load up the jars (that have been washed with lids that have been in hot water). 

When you can this, you have to check the time for each veggie that you use. Whichever has the longest determines the cooking time. That's why this doesn't have corn in it. Corn goes for 90 minutes-- we are way too impatient for that! :)

Our longest veggie time was for the zucchini. So, this processed for 45 minutes with 10lbs of pressure.

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Coming soon- some pizza sauce that ended up being tomato soup (It's pretty yummy soup, I must add...)

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