My (free) gross little pot

Several months ago (ok, like a year ago) my mother in law went to an auction and bought a box of junk. She picked out what she wanted and the rest was fair game. What didn't get taken was trash.

(This is an 'after' shot)

I found this golden, dirty, full of crusty stuff pot. It had some texture and I could see it had some potential. Everyone eyed me suspiciously as I looked it over and decided it was a keeper. The picture below was after it had been scrubbed down with soap, water, and a brush. (this was so long ago that I apparently didn't know how to take pictures in focus :))

So, I cleaned it up and gave it a good coat of black paint. (Black spray paint is my forever "go to" it seems)
It sat in our garage for about 5 months and then Dustin went on his more recent "I gotta clean this garage" bout. So, it got relocated to the porch with these tables that were the same golden plasticy stuff. (uh, yeah, if you look at the post I just linked, you'll see I bought these tables in October and they're still half done...)

Today, in a fit of "I'm so bored I don't know what to do!"* I went out and got the pot, scrubbed it down. (because, seriously... it was painted black like 8 months ago and has collected a lot garage and porch grime)

*This is my month "off" from my full time online teaching job. I am, however, teaching 2 classes an hour away on separate nights and trying to get 3 classes for my doctorate knocked out... so, when I say I'm bored out of my mind, it's just because I don't know what to do when I have free time! I have plenty to do, but it was like when I was little... "MOOOOM, I'm BOOOORED" Nothing sounded like anything I wanted to do :)

I'm so weird about things... I'm super impatient about some projects and then I start others and then they find their way to the garage, closet, porch until I need something to do.

Tonight, after it dried from it's scrubbing down, it got a dry brushed coat of some cheap tan acrylic paint. It just helped to highlight the texture on it and give it some character beyond being flat black. This took 5 seconds to do and added so much!

It has found a home in the tv cabinet... for now (everything is "for now" around here!). I think it needs some green stuff coming out of it (the decorative type, not the type I've scrubbed off of it twice now!)

This area is one of those ever-changing, never finished places in the house. The back of the cabinet may get a coat of a light paint sometime soon....

But, I gotta say, I'm proud of my gross little pot... even if it did take me 8 months between coats :)


  1. cute pot shannon... not gross anymore! you did a great job.

  2. Don't you just love spray paint. What a great invention. You did a beautiful job and it looks lovely in your home.

  3. This turned out really well. The paint makes the texture stand out great!


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