Pots, limbo, and pets… oh my!


IMG_4746Yesterday, we had a doctor appointment. (Nothing to report, really. No bad news, but no good news)

After the appointment, we headed out for brunch at IHOP and a trip to Lowe’s, PetSmart, and Target. I got some great deals! The four pots from above total $139.96 plus tax. However, in order to make way for Halloween, they were on sale. (and, they were the ONLY pots left in the store)

Our cost? $34.94 + tax. (and, I used part of a gift card, so they were actually FREE)  I have been looking for some nice, heavy pots to transplant our house plants into when they get moved back in the house for winter. They’ve been in plastic pots that were used in our wedding four years ago and are starting to smell like old plastic with a heavy hint of body odor :).  They may get painted. I’m not sure yet. The blue one ALMOST matches the blue of the kitchen, but not quite. The two square ones are metal and are a nice brown color. I think I’ll leave them all alone but the blue one.

As we walked through the store carrying all of these (we didn’t grab a cart, duh) Dustin announced that he didn’t think we’d ever be buying so much pot. The security guard walking behind him thought it was funny at least :).

We also went and bought Ellie a replacement Wubba for her Ellieversary. The pink one used to look like the new one… one year and 4 days ago… However, when we gave it to her, she went to old Wubba instead. This may be a slow transition :)


Sophie is also approaching her one year anniversary with us (we’re still working on the name for that celebration). So, we also went ahead and got her a present to beat up and destroy as well.


I’m also gearing up for the room above the garage redo. I can NOT WAIT for the projects we have coming up. I also have been getting a ton of things from my aunt’s shop. I’m waiting to redo a lot of those things until we have the bonus room painted and ready to move into. So, I’m in project limbo for a bit. But, that’s ok :) I still have a few things I could/need to finish up first… like painting the kitchen cabinet…(that I already painted once, and then we wallpapered, and then hung real bead board over :)) Maybe I really SHOULD take this time to wrap up the loose ends around here :).

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  1. great post !!!! love the pot remark. That's a great deal on all that pot!

    wubba! ohhh my. I saw how bad it looked in your other post, but I did NOT know what it was supposed to look like.
    have a great weekend!


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