Julies’ weddings

This weekend, Dustin and I headed north to Indianapolis to see this gal get hitched.

(yes, Adam, we also come to see you tie the knot too, but I somehow managed to only have pictures of the back of your arm. And, while the back of your arm is photogenic, it doesn't compete with this little lady :))


Julie is my college roommate. She is a friend who I might not talk to often, but every time it seems as though no time has passed.  I tried my hardest to peer pressure them into moving to southern Indiana, but northern Indy won out with a job offer at an animal clinic. I’d love for them to move closer for SO Many reasons… and not just because Dr. Julie has offered me free vet service for life ;).

I would be lying if I said that there was no dancing. There was dancing.. and more dancing… and more dancing. And maybe a beer or two. Today, I have no voice and my feet scream every time I think about standing up. All signs of a GREAT TIME! :)

Here’s a ‘selfie’ time out from the dance floor. Although it wasn’t, it also felt like it may have been 200 degrees in that room :)

CONGRATS JULIE AND ADAM!!! (who are in Jamaica right now, living it up!)

*I should also mention that Julie was also in our wedding. I had my high school Julie and my college Julie. Only those two. And they both had wedding receptions. On. The. Same. Day. As Dr. Julie said when Adam proposed, “holy schnikies, yes” they were both last night. My high school Julie got married on 10/10/10, so their par-tay last night was the reception. I tried working on teleporting, but it just didn’t happen. I was afraid I’d make it without my dress or something embarrassing like that. And, of course, our helicopter is in the shop this weekend. So, hopefully I’ll have some more Julie pics to post on here sometime soon (of the other Julie :)). I completely missed that reception (one in Indy and one in s. Indiana, at the exact same time with an almost 3 hour drive between the two).

So, although I’ve already passed on my condolences congratulations to them, this post would be incomplete without a CONGRATS JULIE AND CURTIS!!!!

As soon as Dustin gets home from work (yeah, and he had to work today!) we’re kicking back and propping up our feet for the rest of the night!

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  1. cute pic of the two of you! Congrats to both julies!
    hope your feet feel a lot better tomorrow!


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