Acupuncture and a concoction

My craftiness has been slacking lately. But, with Dustin only have FOUR more days of work, our project list is about to take off!!

I haven't done anything crafty this week, but, I did do something interesting on Monday.

I've mentioned our quest/trouble to bring home a baby in passing here. You name the tests, we've had them. Name the specialist, we've seen him... and  his peers for a second opinion. The medical community throws up its hands at our situation. On paper, we are baby machines. In reality, we've had 4 miscarriages and lost our son at 37 weeks.Nothing is connected; there is no easy solution.

On Monday, I went to an acupuncturist. Our most recent 'game plan' includes me giving myself 2 blood thinner shots a day once we are pregnant. I decided that if I am going to have to do that, what's acupuncture?

It was an experience! I ended up not having a treatment that day. I was even told I will be an easy patient. I'm the patient who can't be figured out in most cases, so this was a shock! He was also MUCH more confident that our situation wasn't a problem and that he had answers than both specialists have been... and anyone else for that matter.

The first 20 minutes of the appointment found me sitting in a chair in his office. He knew nothing about me but my name. He didn't even know why I was there. He looked at my ears and the underside of my forearms and felt my pulse in my wrist. From that, he asked me about a few things... all are true:

  • I have a lower back injury
  • I have low blood pressure
  • I am dizzy from time to time
  • I'm ALWAYS cold. ALWAYS
  • I am anxious (HA) to the point that he's surprised I don't have stomach trouble
  • I am taking a medicine that is altering my hormones
  • I need to watch my sugar
I can't remember what else. But, all of these things are, in fact, true. And, he discovered all this by doing nothing but looking at my arms, ears, and pulse. I was a bit skeptical (I'm still cautious) but starting off like this helped. I know Chinese medicine has been around for a few thousand years :) but, we are raised in a culture where you take medicines and go by blood tests and often just try things just to see if they work.

Our first job: warm me up and calm me down. Two things I will greatly enjoy having taken care of :)
However, our treatment plan currently is for me to mix 3 spoons of this in 2 oz of water and drink it 3 times a day.

Imagine chewing up a beef bouillon cube or just shooting the packet of seasoning that comes with Ramen Noodle. That would be better than this stuff :)

And the thing is, I was so out of my element and clueless that I had no questions for the man. I don't even know what is in this stuff that I am choking down three times a day :). I saw him mix it up. I assume it is a herbal mixture. I do know that we are "bringing balance to my body". I'm all for that. But, when I go back next week, I'll be ready with my list of questions. Especially the one that asks "So, what is this stuff?"

I am also waiting the arrival of a book he suggested. It is called Healing With Whole Foods.  From what he said, it sounds to be a bit Book of Home Remedies in a cookbook. I'm excited about getting it. We have slowly been altering what we eat to be healthier (even though we really do like Tuna Helper :)). This will help us to be more informed along that process.

This is definitely To Be Continued.... on Wednesday of next week, as a matter of fact!


  1. Shannon, I understand. My two oldest daughters are here because of fertility drugs. The last, a natural gift.

    There really is something wonderful about Chinese medicine, holistic healing and nutrition. You are very brave to be so open, sharing your story.

    Vanessa http://southerninmyheart.blogspot.com/ has shared part of her story. She has an awesome story and an awesome blog.

  2. Shannon, you amaze me! I'm so happy that you are open to this option! I wish only the BEST for you and Dustin! I look forward to regular updates!
    amazing he could tell so much about you. When jamie was 7, she was sick, lots of stomach problems. We went to drs, specialists, nothing. Jamie was admitted to the hospital. One of the first dr's to examine her was of asian origin. He immediately said she had peptic ulcers, and sure enough after an endoscopy that is indeed what she had. I was amazed!
    good luck girl! keep us posted!

  3. That's so interesting! I've always wanted to go to an acupuncturist, but was leary. A nurse I work with took her son to a lady in Corydon that does the herbel remedies, and other stuff like that. He was having major anxiety issues to the point of where he would vomit daily. This lady did wonders on him! It's crazy that he knew so much about you by doing so little. Where did you go to? Maybe I will bite the bullet and try it myself!

  4. I wish you the very best of luck Shannon! I think you are an amazingly strong and determined lady, both great things to have when facing this head on. Can't wait to read more about it. I have never been myself, but my (ex)step-mom swears by it. P.S. I will be praying for you! :)

  5. Well, good luck to you! I was skeptical about acupuncture... until the end of my pregnancy, when I had preeclampsia and was retaining so much water I couldn't even bend my knees! My father-in-law had gotten really into all of this kind of thing and recommended an acupuncturist... that women SAVED ME. I was in constant pain before I saw her, and she completely relieved me of that pain! That's my only experience, but I will say for sure that I am no longer skeptical! I hope everything works out for you!

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