Anti-Fall Beagle and Project Stashes


And in this corner: The dog who hates fall decor…ELLIE!


The anti fall beagle struck again this morning while I was at the chiropractor.


Apparently this wasn’t scary enough for her to leave alone. We aren’t sure where this streak of bad puppiness originated. But, she’s so remorseful and punishes herself the entire day and evening when she’s done something like this… drama beagle. Her Fall-a-phobia needs to leave though!

While I was away, I did get some great things to craft with. My aunt had these in her shop (she actually has more too). They are cute, but they aren’t quite living up to their potential. So, I took a set to see what I can do to them.

IMG_5108I first thought paint… then considered covering them in book pages.  For now, they’ve been added to the Room of Requirement (anyone else gearing up for some Harry Potter?!) :)


This disaster of a room has turned into my “oh, that’s cheap/free… I’ll take it and do something with it”. That “something” means that it goes here and waits on me. But, with the upcoming ‘bonus room’ project, this room is about to get cleaned up. (And, better I do it before Dustin gets through the threshold. He gets rid of everything… even things we USE.)

My disclaimer: Part of the mess of that room is Mom’s though. The entire corner is actually her stuff.

I keep putting off projects with all of this stuff because I want to wait for the bonus room redo to be completed first. Then, I’ll know what colors to paint things, how much greenery I’ll need where, and what needs to go elsewhere.

That’s my story anyway…. and I’m sticking to it!

I also found this on the porch when I got home… our eating habits are about to drastically change!


From the few minutes I spent flipping through it, it looks like a very interesting book. I wasn’t expecting it to be so hefty though!


Maybe I need to look into foods to eat to help remedy project procrastination and Beagle Fall-a-phobia….


  1. I had to laugh a little when you referenced HP. Besides the fact that I got the reference, I was also laughing and thinking about the fact that Dustin has been facebook messaging me almost daily for the last week trying to get a game plan together to watch HP -- in Imax if we can work it out! I don't think you accurately portrayed the level of "gearing up" taking place in your own home. =) But he's not the only one that's gearing up, I am a bit guilty myself...

  2. hi there! just wanted to say hello and see how the painting is coming. Thanks for stopping by to see my family room the other day...there's a light at the end of the tunnel...lots of light in a bright new room!

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