It’s about to get messy…

We kicked Dustin’s first day of a six month vacation off right… we went to the dentist! :)

On the way home, we made a detour and picked up all the paint (hopefully all the paint) for the room above the garage. (and another detour for some ice cream shakes… :))

Here is its current dark state

In the winter, this is the warmest room in the house, according to Dustin. According to me, it is the ONLY warm room in the house. So, we like to spend out winters up here. This is also where my office is, so I’m ready to get warm! Like my acupuncture guy says, I’m ALWAYS cold! :)

Soon, this room will get everything carried out, minus the treadmill… we’re not sure how we’re going to deal with that. The carpet is getting ripped up; every surface is getting a coat of Kilz and then a coat of paint (or several coats of paint, we’re not sure on how that’s gonna go yet… :)).

The walls are rough, raw wood. There is a 2 inch groove every foot or so, all the way up. All the way around.


We are borrowing a neighbor’s sprayer, so hopefully this isn’t a 4 month job :). Otherwise, I am going to basically hand paint this entire room due to all the trimming. The ceiling is tongue and groove with narrow slats and enough of a groove between the slats that it would have to be trimmed with a brush too. I don’t mind to trim, I actually like it, but if I have to hand paint this room, it might not get done until my 80th birthday.


I had to make a slightly under pressure color decision on Saturday when we went to buy everything else. (I wanted Behr paint, but we also had a coupon for Lowe’s, so we’re splitting the purchases).  The light color is for the ceiling and trim, the tan is the wall color, and the gray/brown is for the floor. These don’t really show the true colors well, but pics rarely do.. especially when I take them… and at night. But, this is a rough look at how it will be.

IMG_5167 IMG_5165

We have everything we need minus the plywood, nails, glue, poly, and trim for the flooring. Since that is towards the end of the project, we are going to wait a little while on getting all of that. We also need the light fixture that will replace the ceiling fan that is in the middle. The good thing about having a hubby with an electrician background is that I have a resident electrician who likes nice stuff and knows the good stuff. The downside of this is that he likes nice stuff and knows the good stuff. :) Luckily, we’ve been Dave Ramseying and have a budget for the room. I want cheap and cute… he wants quality and practical, sigh :)

The lady who mixed up our paint was awesome. Without even having to ask, she added the custom labels to the backs of my paint chips so we have the formula if we need more. (Please, let us not need more, haha)

I also bought a cloth drop cloth in hopes of making curtains for the room with it. Then I realized that the wall color we picked out is the exact same color as all the drop clothes in all the stores. oops :) I’m trying to think of a Plan B for them that includes still using them for curtains but making them darker.

Counting the primer, we have 14 gallons of paint. Please, Please, PLEASE let the sprayer work. I can’t imagine painting 14 gallons of paint with a brush!

Stay tuned… it’s about to get messy around here!

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  1. whoa! when you get off your duff, your really think BIG! :)
    Where's your respirator? And, I must insist you wear eye protection too. Think about it. If you where a resp, for your lungs, why not protect your eyes too?
    How are you going to keep those critters out while you're spraying?
    I'll be thinking of ya girlie! That's a big job! But ohhh it will be great when you get done!
    are you sucking the paint out of the can? or pouring it into the cup? You know when you buy those many gallons, it is recommended that you dump them all into a 5 gallon bucket to make sure the color is consistent. just sayin'
    I look forward to lots of updates!


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