This is a photoless post because I didn't have my camera with me.... I'm not sure if I could have snapped any pics if I had it with me anyway though!

But, I went back to the acupuncture place on Thursday. Again, the first twenty minutes found us in his office where he looked at my ears and arms and felt my pulse.

The day before, we started the bonus room redo. We were ripping up carpet and I was complaining to Dustin that I had heartburn. While feeling my pulse, he says "You have some acid... have you been having heartburn". I laughed as I picked myself up off the floor and said yes.

I have decided:

Either he's good....or... he has our house bugged :)

He also saw a few other things.. once again my back (always, my back), and some other joint problems (I was a distance runner for quite some time), a lot of neck pains (I was sitting on the floor the day before all hunched over pulling up staples) and things like more congestion in my lungs and some other smaller random things.

Then, I was taken into a room with a recliner, a sound machine, and needles. I got all reclined back and he placed a needle in the top of my head, one in the tops of each of my feet, two in my left arm, and four in the back of my right hand.

Before he placed the two in my arm, he pushed around on my arm in three places and asked which was the most tender. The middle spot was and he said that made more sense because my back is a continuous pain rather than just when I lift, etc. So, he put those two where it was more tender when he pushed.

I didn't hardly feel any of them except for two that were in my hand. In the split second before he put them in he said that they might feel more than the others. They did. It was just a dull pain that went away after a few minutes (and, as long as I left my hand resting there... which I didn't totally do once I was alone and wanted to look at my hand...).

He covered me up, told me to relax, turned off the lights, and left me there for half an hour.

It took me a while to be able to relax. I was sitting there with nine needles sticking out of me. But, I did and was almost to the point where I could sleep when he came back in.

I got a new round of "herbies", as they are now called in this house, and was on my way. This week, the herbs aren't as dark, smell sweeter, and manage to have an even stronger nastiness in flavor.

I go back next Thursday, but I believe that it will be to just refresh and remix my herbs after he looked at my ears, arms, and pulse again.

As for today, when our neighbor gets home to help reassemble the spray gun (it cleaned up super easy, I was told), Dustin is going to get the ceiling sprayed and hopefully the walls. We're using latex for the rest of it all, so the smell shouldn't run us all out of the house today.(crossed fingers)


  1. cool beans! (except the nasty herbies) I'm glad you're sharing this with us. I don't know anyone who has ever had accupuncture.

    happy the room is coming along. I hope it was a productive day.

  2. So did you ever find out what the herbies were that you took last week? Or what he has you taking this week?


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