Kilz Complete…. well, hopefully


So much to say, so little blog space!

First of all, Margot was rescued yesterday!

Secondly, I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday. That might deserve its own post!

And, finally….. the bonus room….

Last night, while I was at class, Dustin replaced the lights upstairs. We now have recessed lights in each of the four corners where there were frosted dome glass fixtures.


I didn’t really approve of lighting things happening when he was home alone, but he assured me that all the power was off to the room.

This morning, we started off with putting plastic over the windows and taping it down. We had just enough to do the windows, but had to go buy another huge piece to cover up the treadmill, desk, and pull-up bar that are all too big to take out.

IMG_5212 You can see some of the damage to the plywood floor along this wall. This room used to be a sun room with 21 windows. Our guess is that it rained in them at some point because the entire length of this side of the room looks like this. It is OLD damage, so we aren’t worried that we have a leak or anything like that.


At 1:45, Dustin got all dressed up for the occasion with a face mask and eye glasses. In hind sight, he needed goggles more than just glasses.


Within two hours, he had all the walls coated. Even though it is Kilz, the knotholes SUCKED up the paint.

IMG_5234 IMG_5236

Here is the ‘finished for today’ version:


I’ll save you from countless pictures of white walls and ceilings… but here’s one more..


We may have to just cut Dustin’s hair… I don’t see this coming out anytime soon.


So, in about 3 hours he painted 5 gallons of Kilz on everything (including his dark hair). NOT BAD! He’s up at our neighbor’s house now with the mineral spirits and sprayer. Hopefully that isn’t a 3 hours job in itself….

Oh, and did I mention that we are also dog sitting this weekend? Well, probably not, because I forgot when we started all this business. So, for the weekend, Ellie’s aunt, Annie, is staying with us.


This CRACKS me up. It was just like trying to take a picture of two kids. Apparently, the flash is bright, haha.


  1. ohhh, yay! :)

    Yep, goggles would have been a great idea. I guess I forgot to mention I wore a doo rag? (sp) Not so much when I did the regular paint, but when I did the oil based paint, I didn't want to try to get THAT out of my hair.
    Glad to hear about margot, and I'm glad Ellie will have someone to keep her company and occupied! lol
    I hope tomorrow is a good day!
    ps thanks for linking up!

  2. Wow! That's quite an undertaking. Looks like the hubby has a new style :) Nice to have the paint sprayer... only 2 hrs. NOt bad! Good luck with the reno.

    Take care,

  3. I'm sitting here laughing so hard as I read this. Not at Dustin, with Dustin. Yes, he might need a haircut.

    Your hubby is just like mine. A do it your selfer whenever possible. It's saved us tons and tons of money over the years and in many homes. I never worry much about projects because I know


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