Clean slate: Starting the bonus room redo

Where to start?!

I worked hard this weekend to catch up and get ahead so I could take my ‘weekend’ this week when Dustin was home.

Yesterday morning, we woke up with plans to empty the bonus room. Dustin thought it would take a day and a half just to empty it all.

Luckily, he was wrong and we had it emptied just after lunchtime. Most of that time was spend boxing books. You never know how much stuff like that you have until you have to move it.

I even had time to use the treadmill!

...for its speakers... :)

Well, it is 'empty' if you ignore the treadmill and desk. The treadmill was assembled in the room and cannot be taken out. The desk is just too big and heavy. They are about to get coated in plastic and taped up.
We still had some time before the placed closed where we could take our carpet and padding, so at 2:00, we were ripping up carpet.

*And, the door has to be taken off to get the couch in and out of the room….

I spent the rest of the evening with a hammer and screwdriver pulling up carpet padding staples. This room is in the 500 sq ft range and, if I were to guess, I think I pulled up no less than 100,000 staples. It felt that way anyway! :)

Dustin worked on the lights. That’s where is is now also. I go to the acupuncturist later, so he has to get that stuff done while I’m home. Things like that make me nervous!

We wanted to start spraying today, but there is a lot of prep work. Today and this evening might just be prepping and putting plastic over the windows and doors. He’ll be home alone for most of the afternoon and night, so prepping alone is enough of a job!

Meanwhile, in the rest of the house….

IMG_5187 IMG_5188
Both spare bedrooms are filled to the max…


We have entirely too many couches and chairs in the livingroom…


The cats are eating on the piano bench (To keep the beagle from eating it all and getting even chubbier)…


And, there is an entertainment center facing the wall in our bedroom.

Margot, in a boycotting rage, has decided to park herself in ANOTHER tree… she’s over 50 feet this time. We realized this at 11 last night. So, we’re also about to get another extension ladder to get her down. (This also needs to happen before I have to leave.) We’ve been seeing the mean stray cat around here again. Apparently, he won’t climb that high to try and beat her up. He’s about to owe us another $20 ladder rental fee…


  1. ohhh, poor margot! Ya'll sure have your hands full with THAT one! hahah

    The room is so big! I'm excited to see it progress. It's a good thing ya'll are a "we" and you're young!

    have fun!
    ps please let me know if you got the kitty down from the tree. :(

  2. Poor Margot!! If you need some beagle-free work time this weekend, she can come to our house and play with her friend Abby. Call me if you need help! I've got plenty of paint brushes =)


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