So close!- The Bonus Room redo


We are getting SO CLOSE to ALMOST being done with the bonus room redo :) Well, with the painting of the walls and ceiling anyway.

A few days ago, Dustin started spraying the ceiling. he used one gallon of paint on less than a fourth of the surface. Scratch that idea. We headed back down south to pick up more paint and bought a few rollers to do it the old fashioned way.



I am glad that the ceiling is wood planks like this. But, see all those cracks? They all have to be trimmed by hand with a paintbrush. It is going to look cool when it is done.. but GEESH.


We decided to go ahead and paint the walls once there was one coat on the ceiling. We couldn’t recoat yet and we knew there was going to be touch ups required anyway. Because the walls are so rough cut, Dustin sprayed them and I went behind him with a brush and went over it all quickly. It helped paint to get into all the rough places and gave it a good, solid base.


The next day, Dustin and his mom painted the second coat on the ceiling and gave all the cracks a good coat. After it dried, he went back and caulked along the top. It didn’t make a real noticeable different, but it finished it off nicely.  (The color is more of a combination of the two pictures below)


While they did that, I primed all the windows and door trim. This door below will also get a coat of something.. maybe the trim color.



I hadn’t taped around the actual window glass yet, so that’s next up.


I can’t believe how different this room is!


Up next:
Finishing all the trim work, touching up, and buying the plywood for the floor!


  1. wow! that's a LOT of work and a LOT of paint! whew!
    It is going to look so totally different! I think it's going to be so cozy and homey!

  2. That was a lot of work! I am surprised to hear that the sprayer didn't help stretch the paint. Lots of sore necks I'm sure ;)

  3. This is what we have been doing a little at a time....paint sure can make a big differant. Trish

  4. Yes, a LOT of work but it's going to be so lovely when it's done. I can't wait to see the finished room!

  5. How cool! I love your plank walls and ceiling. The paint looks great.

  6. I LOVE planked walls and ceilings!! We're planning on installing planks to our ceiling this spring. I'm excited, but I definitely AM NOT looking forward to all the painting!
    Your room is going to be so beautiful. Well worth all the work. :)


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