My “new” desk twice removed


While I was in a meeting all day today, Dustin was hard at work on my desk. (I think there was most likely some XBoxing happening as well)

The desk started as this:


Well, technically when I got it, it was wood. Then I primed it and painted it red and used it for a few years. Then tried to paint it hammered metal, then painted it orange that REALLY didn’t look this shade of orange.

I gave it to Mom after it didn’t sell at a yard sale (good thing!) and she just gave it back to me.

It isn’t wide enough where my legs go for my chair. It also isn’t wide enough for a keyboard try. I’ve been researching carpal tunnel and ways to avoid it. Apparently my current set up of leaning into my desk with my arms raised and laying on the desk from elbow to fingertips is a very inviting environment for carpal tunnel. oops.

So, thanks to Gail and her repurposedlife :), Dustin got to get to work! My plan was to cut the center out above the drawer. Good thing I have Gail in my email address book :) She suggested looking for screws.

IMG_5786 IMG_5792

Unscrewing the screws that held the top on is less glamorous than just cutting the desk in half, but way more practical. (THANKS GAIL! We probably would have seen the screws after we cut it all up)


So, whist I was gone today, Dustin got the sides apart and sanded them down. They aren’t painted at the top because that’s where the middle drawer was.

IMG_5799 IMG_5798 

I said I thought they’d look cute as bedside tables, but Dustin told me to focus on the task at hand :) (note to self: start looking for an old desk to take apart for bedside tables…)

He also put a coat of stain on the pine panel that we bought for the new top.  I asked him about the pics when I got home and he answered with a “I got a lot done today….” Photographing, however, was not one of those things :). So, this is what we started with:


We got one that is 2 ft deep by 6 feet long. I wanted it to be a bit deeper, but this was the best we could do. The sides/drawers are 12 inches wide each, so this gives me plenty of wiggle room for my chair, new keyboard tray, and chair with arms. It also gives me plenty of space for all my stuff. I’m organized, but I take up a lot of room. We plan to let the sides “hang over” on each end by about 6 inches, so that also gives me room to stash a trash can too.

The new top isn’t very photogenic… at night… in our wood stove room. The close-up is more accurate for the shade of the stain.



I’m not sure if I should call the top done and poly it or dry brush it/whitewash it over the stain. The jury is still out on that. Much like the jury is still debating on what color to paint over the orange.

When the desk is done, my office will move to the spare bedroom. (the funky curtain that half covers was for the California guests we just had :)) The bed is gonna go, but I’m sure the cat will stay (found her yet? I canNOT take a picture without an animal showing up at just the perfect time).


I think the sewing table might stay too. who knows, I might actually get the sewing machine outta the box!

Hopefully, by next week, I’m blogging (oh yeah, and working) from my new desk in my new office…that was actually my office when I used the desk when it was red….

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  1. way cool! make sure you link up to my party! :)
    sooo glad you (dustin) looked for screws. It is cute when it's apart, isn't it?
    thanks for giving me credit for my brilliance! hahahah
    can't wait to see it done! I thought sure you were going to put it in your gynormas new room.


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