Tournament of Champions

At the end of 2009, our neighbors issued a challenge across the woods.

The wager: losers buy the winners dinner at a local "greasy spoon".

Well, friends, you are reading the random musings of 1/2 of the winning team.

The challenge:

For Christmas, they bought us a 2010 Jeopardy calendar. Each day, we answer the questions and tally our winnings. Sundays are huge- Final Jeopardy. We all, of course, always risk it all. (Well, kinda). The neighborhood rules are that the hubbys risk it all. The wifeys risk a modest number like $400. If we get it right, we go with doubling the score. If we get it wrong, we go with the lesser amount. *It isn't cheating since we both play this way! :)

Team Voyles ended 2010 with $64, 245,304,599,000. We beat them by a little over double.

It's a tough game. If you miss one Final Jeopardy, you are already behind by trillions! :)

The retirees (the neighbors) complain that it was unfair. They didn't know I "was gonna be a doctor" when we began this bet. *I started my EdD in November of 2009--I'm addicted to being a student. I have tried to assure them that nothing in my educational technology courses has even remotely helped us in our daily quest to beat them. That fact is 100% accurate too! I'm paying all that money borrowing all that money (don't tell Dave Ramsey!) and got nada in return on the Jeopardy! Challenge. Here's to 2011 and SOME type of educational/technology/online learning question heading our way :)

Soon, we will be dining with the two of them. If I were a betting gal... and apparently I am... I'd say that our total bill for 4 will be less than $23. Until then, we're already behind on 2011!

...but I'm pretty sure I know it!

If you are looking for a fun year, challenge someone. It has been a blast to call them and taunt them and to receive calls of trash talking. I think I might have even been hung up on when we were hundreds of dollars ahead early in the year last year. It's all in good fun and it has been a blast.

We're trying to make sure we have a good appetite for our big night out on the town to cash in the winnings :)

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  1. Love it! I remember playing Jeopardy with you when we were roomies! As I recall, you beat me every time!


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