Prizes and an extra special surprise


We hit the trifecta today. The USPS, UPS, and FedEx all delivered FREE packages to us!

I just sent in my information to The DIY Club Sunday night and got THREE packages today!


I’m on the hunt for things to glue and adhere right now :) A new desk project stumbled upon me this evening, so this package had perfect timing!


Mythic Paint sent us two gallons of their paint. We had them custom mix a color for us and got both gallons in the same shade.

 IMG_5745  IMG_5744


It will soon be going here in this hallway. The dictionary wall is holding strong, except in the place where I was trying to cover up a gap :). So, the dictionary wall will be getting planks in a few months and this hallways will get a major update with white trim and walls and some Mythic Painted walls!

IMG_5749IMG_5746IMG_5751 IMG_5752

We also plan to paint the room next to our bedroom (that is currently this bright shade of yellow) the same green.


And, last (but certainly not least!) we got our stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.


We went with the Spring Songbirds stencil. I had it narrowed down to 10, yes 10, and Dustin  slowly narrowed it down to this one :) The man knows what he likes. This is most likely going to go in the yellow room mentioned above that is going to be green :)

As I opened the box, another stencil fell out. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. When we were choosing stencils, we really liked one that was butterflies. No one at the site knew that. This is what I found--



What makes this even more touching for us is that butterflies hold a special place in our hearts. The day before we lost our son, my mom was sitting in our driveway waiting for me to get here. She saw all these little white butterflies dancing all over the yard and it reminded her of babies dancing in heaven.The next day, we found out that we had lost our baby at 37 weeks. He was probably already one of those little white butterflies when Mom saw them and we didn’t know. Little white butterflies are Lane. He was born on May 27th when little white butterflies are absolutely everywhere around here. All butterflies remind us of him and we like having small reminders like this around us.

When we picked this up and looked at it, it was absolutely perfect. The yellow room that will be green and will have the songbirds is the nursery. This stencil is THE perfect addition. I know they didn’t know the depth of what they were doing by adding this little butterfly with the green smiley face, but I’m about to email them and pass along our thanks and appreciation. It was such a small gesture, but it truly means the world to us!


  1. lots of good loot! So glad you won!
    As soon as I scrolled and saw the butterfly I knew the special significance of it, but I thought you ordered it with the songbirds. How sweet and special that it was included with your order. I know you don't need anything to remind you to think of Lane, but it is so sweet.

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