A “new” desk


Yesterday, we started to finish a project and I started a new one.

The kitchen cabinet finally got a coat of primer!

IMG_5758  IMG_5760

Then, Dustin didn’t feel well today, so the doors didn’t get sanded, primed, and repainted. So, since that didn’t happen, I wasn’t too motivated to put the coat of White Ivy on the cabinet :)

Instead I worked on finished a desk for Mom. She and I are playing musical desks and she found a free one that needed a coat of paint (and primer, and crackle, another coat of paint, and sealer).


It is a corner computer desk. She just finished her medical transcription courses and is setting up office so she can work from home. (anyone out there know of any job openings for her?) :)


After a long trip to True Value and several mind changes, I got this piece primed and coated with the first coat last night. I primed in the garage (for 3 hours) and it was just too cold. So, the living room became the overnight workshop.  (and I still managed to get paint on the carpet)

IMG_5759 IMG_5761 

The first coat is the paint that we bought to paint the plywood floor that we ended up staining. Now, we have 2 gallons of a paint color that is too dark to do to much with but too expensive to throw away.

I had some crackle left, so I put that on first thing this morning.

We hit the oops counter and Mom found a brown that looks much better in person than in my dimly lit living room/cloudy day pictures. It got to be the top coat.

IMG_5764 IMG_5765



I just finished putting the last coat of dark brown on the desk top and coated the piece with a sealer. In a bit, I’m sealing all of the shelves and the top with some polyurethane that we have left from the flooring.

Hopefully, it is all dried by about noon tomorrow when we plan to deliver it!


And, really, it looks much better in person (I promise, Mom! haha) These pictures are very harsh and not realistic.


After hers is done, I’m starting on the one that I gave her that she just gave back to me :) It’s getting cut in half!


  1. shannon, it looks great! I hoope she likes it. Did you use a small roller for all the innerds? or a brush. I use one of those really skinny rollers for such tasks. (not to be confused with a fat short roller)
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am working on my laundry room and kitchen and find it hard to get motivated. I love how the desks are turning out.

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