A very special 2 year old


Yesterday, we got to celebrate with this little guy, my nephew.


He lives in California with his mommy and daddy. And just so happened to be in Indiana near his second birthday. Many members of our family were able to meet and we had a great party at an ice cream museum. Here, he and my mom (his Nea) are anxiously awaiting the next present.


Aunt Shannon and Uncle Dustin got him a chicken that (quietly) crows when you shake it. My sister in law is gonna have fun with THAT at the airport! (Sorry Angie!) He was very impressed with our chickens at Christmas. Later, back hom in Cali, he was naming his family: Dustin, Shannon, CHICHENS! So, it was a necessity to get him his own. Bonus points that it makes (quiet) noises:).


I didn’t get a lot of pictures, somehow, but this is a great one of Hadley and Poppy playing with the grill set that they made for him.


He was the proudest little almost two year old as we sang Happy Birthday to him. He just sat there and looked around the table to soak it in that everyone really was singing for him. My brother was still in California, so he attended the festivities via Skype on an Iphone.

I think Nea and Poppy need to go into the handmade wood toy business myself! They are pretty good!

The California crew is in the process of buying a house, so we’ll get to go out soon to help get the house ready and head to the parks to play on the wooden swing sets in the sun. (Hey, there’s another idea for Nea and Poppy!)

As for today, the party’s over and it’s back to business. Today, Dustin hopes to finish the plumbing in the 1/2 bath. He loves plumbing with copper though, so he might stretch it out on purpose…


  1. happy early birthday hadley! :)
    what a cutie!

  2. Wow what a fun day that must have been. He is so sweet.

  3. How cute! Following from the Indiana Women Bloggers! It is always great to find fellow Hoosier blogs!

  4. Precious! He is a cutie. My nephews are my world! Thank Heavens for little boys.

    Have a great evening :-)


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