Filing bliss

One of these days, we will get this office/room above the garage/bonus room put together.

I have been officially working from home since July. Luckily, I get a lot of help from my staff.

Working wears a kitty out.
(this was before we moved the desk and before I crackled the entertainment center that is in the background.)

Since July, I have gone through 3 desks. All have been arranged randomly about the room. We finally found THE desk at a yard sale randomly driving to the bank in October (two weeks after I started blogging). All have been free, minus the one that I have now. It was still a good deal on a huge, antique desk though. I am cheap, but we are are willing to shell it out if it is a good deal.

We have also been on the hunt for a file cabinet. Between tax paperwork, military paperwork, work paperwork, important paperwork.... we have accumulated a lot of paperwork. Three cheers for graigslist..... no? Well, we love it.

A few weeks ago, I found this gem on there for $30.

Isn't she a beauty in all her random colors and bad paint jobs?

 We thought so too. Dustin attacked it with his air tools. I think that he just used a buffer to smooth it out, clean off the hardware and give me a good surface to paint.

Look at that bad photo SHINE! You can also see one of the buffed drawers behind. 

Then it was time to paint. Yes, I painted this in the bonus room/office/room above the garage....we need to figure out what to call this room... I had some paint left over from 3 years ago when I painted the living room so Canyon Tan it was. I planned to paint the hardware black, but it cleaned up so nicely that painting it is still under debate. One coat of Kilz and 2 coats of Canyon Tan later, making her blog debut....

...Our new old file cabinet!  No, it isn't a drastic make over, but it is so cleaned up now! (and all one color!)

I have a neat story about the picture above the cabinet, but I'll post it when I post my "Office Completion!" post. I know, I know.. the suspense is eating away at you.


I just made the little numbers.I found a font I liked and just printed them on computer paper. They are my 'good enough for right now' numbers. They will be printed on cardstock at some point, but I wasn't sure if they needed anything else first. And, I might still do letters.... decisions, decisions...

 A $30 purchase and some left over paint....

Now all that paperwork has a home! (and Margot has another object to sleep on)


  1. I love the results from a coat of paint - so gratifying :) And your can is too CUTE!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. What a great find! Love what you did with it - Great job! My Grandma's name was Margot :) Hehe...

  3. great job! I bet it can hold a bunch of stuff! : )

  4. Don't you wonder what in the world people do to file cabinets to make them so ugly?

    It looks so nice after your work!

  5. What a great makeover you have here...looks outstanding! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  6. gorgeous job, it looks so clean and professional now!

  7. What a wonderful piece of furniture!

    I hope you will stop by my blog and enter my giveaway.

  8. Nice job on the cabinet! Thanks for linking up.


  9. Great job. I really like that style with the smaller drawers on top.

  10. She's a beauty! I love how clean and new she looks! Great job!

  11. Your file cabinet looks great! I really like it.

  12. Very cool file cabinet. You did a great job making it over!


  13. DID YOU PAINT THIS WITH A ROLLER OR A BRUSH? I have a file cabinet that I need to redo and can't decide what to use....you did a fantastic job by the way!

  14. Renee, I used a brush. But... that was only because I didn't have a roller up here when I started.. I'm lazy and didn't want to walk to the garage, haha. But, I knew I was going to have to brush the drawer fronts anyway, so I just got a decent brush and did the whole project like that.
    Thanks! Hope yours turns out fantastic!

  15. Glad to see I'm not the only one who paints where the object is at. With no garage, the project is worked on where it is! It looks really good and I bet it holds a ton of "stuff"

  16. Nice clean up. I think you should call your room Shirley.

  17. What a cool filing cabinet. Great find! I had to smile at your cat as well. They are so funny...


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