Once upon a time…

Remember, oh, about three days ago when I blogged about what a good puppy we have? Strike that.

Remember, oh, about a week ago when I blogged about the cool centerpiece I made? Strike that.

First of all, let me say that I do work from home. So, I am home a LOT. However, Ellie has been left home alone a lot, too. Her being home alone with free reign of the house is not a new thing we’re trying out. She’s been crate-free for about 9 months.

We’ve only had two instances of her chewing up things. They both happened when she was itty bitty and she only chewed up pet related things- the Pledge pet hair grabber, the bottle of Nature’s Miracle that I used to clean up accidents, the puppy pads that she never used (except to chew up those two times). These were also times when she escaped. We were using baby gates in the hallway and she learned to climb them.

And, then I got home today. I’ve been gone about six hours at my aunt’s shop helping her organize. (more on that later).

I was met at the door by a beagle who NEEDED to go out. I let her out as I came in and then looked down.


I need to add that this picture doesn’t even come CLOSE to capturing the mess.

About two seconds into the disaster, I realized that except for the spool of ribbon, bag of moss, and birds nest, ALL of this stuff was from the centerpiece that I just made. The one that is ON the table. Double wammy- no pets on the table. (and, she ate my pumpkins!)

To top it all off, my cute pumpkin centerpiece is now pumpkinless. Apparently the little pumpkins and the spiral grape vines were tasty.

See all those seeds? They are EVERYWHERE!

Mom’s response: “At least she has good taste, she left the cinnamon sticks and pine cones that are a dime a dozen.”


I can save these two…

As long as they are facing the right way….
IMG_4778Cute little eggs that I had plans for in the spring?
They’re a bit dented….

As for the bad beagle… I can deal with the stuff she destroyed, but I am SO disappointed. We’ve known that this day was coming. She’s so good, but even the best of us do bad things from time to time. But still... hopefully this was a lapse in judgment. Hopefully those little pumpkins were just too much for her to handle. Their cuteness just made her have to eat them. And the grapevine, well, it is very stick-like...

At least the vacuum smelled good as I cleaned up the wreckage. And, I’m sure her little belly is hurting. really? potpourri? Of all the things in this house to get into and eat, the potpourri?


  1. Awwww...I can just see the little head dropping when she realized you saw what she did. If she does decide to make a habit of it, I have some bitter spray to try to turn Abby off of my dining room chairs that works well.

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